Computer Repair Oklahoma: 4 Ways to Prevent Viruses

If you have a stubborn virus that can’t be removed at home, take your machine to computer repair Oklahoma company. Viruses, spam and pop-up ads are daily nuisances many computer users deal with on a daily basis. If you use your computer for business, a sudden data loss or a sluggish operating system can cut into profits. To keep your computer healthy, always be aware of common internet scams and attempts at identity theft.
Here are some ways you can protect your computer from viruses.
1- Watch Out for Phishing Scams
Phishing scams attempt to trick you into entering financial or personal information in an unauthorized email or on a fake website. Phishing emails are often disguised to look like official correspondence from a bank, credit card company or government office. The government and legitimate businesses don’t request information suddenly through e-mails. Call the business in question if you receive an e-mail you find suspicious to see if they really sent it. Legitimate e-mails will address you by name; phishing emails use “Dear Customer” and other generic terms.
2- Use an Anti-Virus Program
Never surf the internet without running an antivirus program. These programs block potentially dangerous viruses and must be updated regularly to guard your computer against new threats. If you’re short on cash, you can download Spybot Search and Destroy, AVG or free anti-virus programs that work just as well as paid software. Scan your computer weekly with an anti-virus program to look for hidden viruses and Trojans. New viruses attack computers all the time, even if you exercise caution, but there’s always hope. Bring your PC or laptop to computer repair Oklahoma shop if a virus slows down or wipes your system. Computer techs in Oklahoma have many techniques to recover lost information and get your device up and running again.
3- Exercise caution when web surfing
Some bogus websites are easy to spot. They have unusual names, limited or incomprehensible content or there’s something not quite right about them. Other fake websites are much more realistic-looking. Check the URL in your address bar before entering information or credit card numbers on an unfamiliar website. Make sure that the address is correctly shown (, for example) to ensure that the site hasn’t been hijacked to another address set up to steal information. Only download programs from websites if you’re certain they are trustworthy.
4- Be Careful with Email Attachments
Don’t open email attachments from senders you don’t know. If you receive an attachment from someone you know, check the message content and e-mail address and download if you’re absolutely certain it’s safe. Most antivirus programs have e-mail scanning capabilities that check attachments for viruses and alert you to problems. A tech from computer repair Oklahoma will have experience dealing with email attachment viruses, as this is one of the most common ways devices are infected.
If you’re unable to eliminate a virus at home, bring your machine to CPR computer repair Oklahoma. Our experienced techs will run our own scans and tests to find any viruses that have infected your device. We are usually able to repair computers while you wait. We’re part of the best-known computer and cell phone repair franchise in the United States. Our location in Edmond, OK repairs laptops, PCs, iPads and other electronic devices. If your computer is still under warranty, we may be able to repair it free of charge. Call our Edmond OK computer repair location at 405-471-6464 for a free estimate today!
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