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Depending on your career, industry or field, you need to attend training, develop or represent your company or business meeting. Meetings are a good place to network. They give you the opportunity to communicate with people, access information and resources, market/promote your brand, and leverage your skills on a larger scale. You must be prepared for such features to get the most out of your work and goals. Whether you are an exhibitor, presenter or attendee, the benefits can be very bad.

Listed below are practical tips for getting the right connections and getting the most out of your meetings.


Don't let your network have a chance. Make sure to register in advance. First of all, this is a courtesy to the organizers of the meeting. In addition, you have collected the right information so that you can learn about any changes or future events through the organizer/sponsor organization. Registering in advance, rather than walking in, also allows you to get useful information before the event begins, such as: detailed agenda/plan, spokesperson [and its resume/contact information], travel or rental discounts, successful meeting tips, etc. . Be sure to take the time to read the information provided and plan accordingly.

Adjust your skills well

Practice your elevator spacing before the meeting. Make sure it's simple and effective and less than 60 seconds. Bring a lot of updated resources, such as: resume, business cards, marketing / promotional items. Draft question for a good dialogue with newcomers. Be able to answer simple questions like: What do you do? Why are you participating in this event? Who do you want to see? What do you want from this project? Being prepared not only improves your level of awareness, but also shows professionalism and credibility.

keep in touch

Do a due diligence and follow up with individuals or companies after the meeting. Indicates that you are very serious about your business and building quality relationships. Use the follow-up process to introduce people to your existing contacts, share information from meetings, and later meet in person or at other events via a conference call. Value the connections you have built and focus on developing your network.

Use these simple tips to advance your network and do most meetings and similar activities. Be purposeful and strategic in your interaction and engagement to build valuable connections.

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