Conscious Life

Conscious Life
Empowering positive change and personal growth through Holistic Health, Spirituality and Environment

Exhibitors, Psychic readings, Platform shows, Seminars, Workshops, Meditations and live Sacred Sounds all weekend.

Raise your awareness and get inspired to transform your life at the 2017 Conscious Life Expo, a two-day event promoting all aspects of conscious living. Join us as we support and celebrate your journey toward living a healthy, self-aware and sustainable life.

Our jam-packed program will inspire you to expand and awaken to new ways of being. Learn how to improve your health, fitness and well-being, and enjoy investigating the mysteries of metaphysics, spirituality and meditation.

Relax and enjoy browsing our huge array of eco-friendly and personal growth products and don’t forget to treat yourself to a psychic reading or holistic healing! Discover new ways of living lightly on the earth while you connect consciously with others and honour your true self.

Men & women of all ages will love learning how to thrive and live life on purpose at the Conscious Life Expo

After 6 years of running successful Conscious Events on the Sunshine Coast-QLD including the successful Conscious Life Festivals & Discovery Expos each year , Conscious Life Events is now coming to the Gold Coast to launch the inaugural Conscious Life Weekend to promote all aspects of Conscious Living.

A weekend promoting all aspects of Conscious living to help support your wellbeing and personal growth with Holistic / alternative therapies & Services, Healing & energy modalities, Organic & Eco friendly products & services, sustainable & environmental services, Intuitive’s, personal coaches , fitness, nutrition, metaphysical products & services & self development

‘Conscious Life’ will be held on Sat & Sun 29-30 July 2017 9.30am-5pm
in the heart of the Gold Coast at the brand new Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre Broadbeach-Nerang Rd, Cararra.

Only pp or pp weekend pass

at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Gold Coast, Australia



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