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The popularity of all-terrain vehicles [ATVs] in the United States is staggering. Since the introduction of the 1960s, off-road has become a cultural phenomenon. Motorcycles and off-road enthusiasts believe that this small car has recently become a mainstream model. How do we know?

According to the study, there are an estimated 10.5 million registered ATV owners in the United States. The number of owners is more than twice that of 2001! These numbers make this inconspicuous ATV almost as common as motorcycles, and motorcycles have a longer, more glorious history in the United States. Why did it take off?


Although accidents have occurred because of their more wheels and more stability, all-terrain models should be safer than motorcycles. As long as they are driven responsibly, the risk of flipping them is very small. In fact, the three- and four-wheel versions can easily handle almost any road surface, making it more flexible than most other off-road vehicles. Therefore, they are one of the most enjoyable vehicles for novices and experienced drivers.

New match used ATV

You may be surprised to find that all-terrain models can be very expensive. Many first-time buyers mistakenly believe that they are about the same price as a buggy, and the average price is about $7,000. But as these off-road generators continue to grow, many used ATVs are available at an affordable price.

Although new cars are almost always desirable, there are many reasons to consider used cars. The first and most obvious one is the price. Like cars, used tricycles and four-wheelers are also rapidly depreciating. Most people lose about half of their value in the first three years of ownership. This is not to say that all of these models are in a saleable state.

Where to buy

Because they typically travel on challenging surfaces, such as hills, trails, and unpaved paths, all-terrain models are more susceptible to wear than ordinary road vehicles. Therefore, finding someone in good shape can be challenging, especially in the private market. Private sellers may not have the experience or expertise to identify and fix small mechanical problems that may cause significant problems in the future. For new buyers, this could mean paying the full price for the used ATV. That's why we highly recommend buying from a reputable dealer.

Although buying from a dealer is not as safe as buying a tricycle or a four-wheeler, it is the next best option. why? Because dealers usually test and repair used models they bought before they were sold. This allows them to ask for more than private sellers because it gives buyers more confidence.

Off-road enthusiasts can save time and money when buying used ATVs from established dealers in the secondary market.

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