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From the early days of the United States [USA] to the 1970s, many family activities were concentrated in the family's living room. Also known as the "reception room," the home manufacturer sends the guest there as soon as he enters the home. This room is furnished with the best seating and furnishings. There, the curtains hung on the window. There may be a small piano in the room. A vase with fresh cut flowers and a bowl filled with nuts or mints may be placed on the coffee table. “When I get coffee from the kitchen, I have something to eat,” the family manufacturer may tell the guests.

Keep it clean and clean, the living room location allows housewives to entertain guests without being far from the house [hidden places]. Homemakers can easily politely and have fun conversations and impress guests in the living room. This location is the most formal coat and room in the house, exuding exquisiteness and cleanliness, and is speechless, thinking that the family is rising [or not] in society. However, in the 1970s, when people wanted to express themselves, there were more choices, and they were less concerned about the guests' perceptions of them, the housing in the United States changed.

They are more concerned with how to configure their homes with imaginative and useful living spaces. Still, even today, most new homes and homes built before the 1970s have living rooms. However, the family room [the radio used to rest, then the TV set sits there, now the widescreen TV is mounted on the wall] is actually the center of the family and guests. Entertainment in the digital age, rather than simple conversations, requires access to digital content [no need or wanted jackets and ties].

Homeowners began transforming their living room into a home office, a special room, a desk, a computer workstation and online access. Then, computer workstations gradually developed into the source of computer games, and many former living rooms and offices became online game rooms. Now, neither calculations nor games need to be isolated in the room. A tablet or laptop can be used for mobile computing, and a smartphone can be used for online gaming.

This left the old living room? Some people have a bar there and a pool table. For others, this has become the guest room [the access to the full bathroom is closed]. Pets sometimes get their own room, with beds, toys, a hunter bar [with a water and a coarse-brimmed hound bar] and an access door at the bottom of the front door. Any of these ideas is more meaningful than the lifeless living room, which is the habitat of a bed bug and a dusty rabbit. #Tag1writer

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