Coworking Day – Colleauges on Tap – Darlington

Coworking Day - Colleauges on Tap - Darlington
Business Central Darlington is a state of the art office building located off Yarm Road in the heart of Darlington. Darlington coworking days are hosted by our Associate Beverly Sherratt who also owns Profectus 4 People. What happens on a Coworking Day? Most Coworkers tend to come along with a specific plan in mind; so they might do their monthly accounts, plan their marketing, write a batch of blog posts, or simply do admin and filing. What all Coworkers find is that focussing on something specific for a day (without the distractions home-working brings) means they achieve it. Coworkers will have the opportunity to chat over coffee (or the desk!) with their new-found colleagues for the day. After a delicious inclusive lunch, coworkers will then have the option to join in with a really informal group discussion (our Spot Chat), giving everyone the opportunity to share experiences, pick up ideas and new skills, and make new connections which can help drive forward their business. Coworkers can then get back to work or continue to chat – it’s up to you. Managed by the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), Business Central was designed with today’s businesses in mind. Offering superb connectivity, a central atrium area, meeting rooms and free parking. It also is within walking distance to the train startion and the 11 and 12a local bus services stop just outside the building.   Find out more about Coworking Days here

at Business Central Darlington
Union Place
Darlington, United Kingdom



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