Create interesting public relations activities using artificial intelligence and human sentiment analysis

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning may be sensational technologies in several industries in today's world, but they are not alone in the communications arena. It is the natural language processing [NLP] that supports them, and even makes their essence related to public relations [PR] and the communications world.

Simply put, NLP refers to the ability of computer programs to understand, analyze, and recover human language based on their literal rules. At the moment, there are some innovations, such as Alexa, Siri and Google Play, that have produced "Alexa, add milk to my shopping list" and "Siri, call mom". It took nearly half a century and several technological innovations to bring machine learning to this stage, and I hope there will be more in the future.

However, the question now is how do we use the power of NLP and AI to better serve in the field of public relations and communications?

Natural language processing also includes a wide range of human improvement abilities, but it is the power to identify audience emotions that contribute to the interests of communicators. It enables public relations professionals to plan and execute influential media programs in ways never before possible.

In the early days of technology, communication involved only simple logic-based algorithms, identifying words as positive or negative, and retaining many terms as unclassified. But today, time and technology have changed radically; therefore, the automation system is equipped with the ability to fully explain the nuances of human communication and to provide the meaning and context of the words to them.

Because of the media community and too much noise, the idea of ​​a PR strategy is not limited to the number of reports, but also to identify stories and news issues that have the desired impact on the target audience. All in all, it's a time-consuming and cumbersome process, but with the built-in NLP engine in the automation system, emotions can be easily identified by text strings introduced by any relevant channel.

Views on the brand and its coverage are extremely important in creating interesting media campaigns. This insight will help PR professionals better show their customers the impact of their messaging, whether positive, negative or neutral to their target audience.

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