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You are unconsciously aware of how important content is to your business. You may also realize that you can share multiple types of content with others to get positive results that benefit your business. One [sometimes the most obvious] type is written content. Another powerful content is video content. The question is, how do you create video content that people want to share with others?

What do you need to do to make your video content appealing enough?
Creating short, valuable, and engaging videos is a good idea. But how do you know if your video content is just sitting there, or does anyone else feel worth sharing with others? In other words, what do you need to include in the video content to make it popular and hope to spread the virus in the near future?

You may have noticed that other people [and other businesses] have posted viral videos. You may ask what they have done to achieve this goal. What exactly is the "virus" recipe they use, how can you get it?

People are attracted to the video
Because many people are visual, they respond well to the video [given that it is achieved emotionally]. People usually react to images, and when you talk to other people, the content is very effective, and not everyone else has to read the text on the page. This is human nature.

If you think of videos that have been viral and those that don't do much, then you must understand that the reason for the virusization of these videos is not accidental. The video creator may be well aware of what he or she is doing to cause a reaction to others. One thing is for sure, you need to make some kind of roadmap [game plan] before creating any video.

Your videos should appeal to others in ways that appeal to them they want to share
Interestingly, one person thinks the video is worth sharing for a few different reasons. There are many different types of videos online, and even though each video is different from other videos, they have something in common. Once you understand this, you can use this information to create a video that will bring you amazing results.

Your video should not only give that person something positive, but it should also give this person a positive feeling and not share it with others. The bottom line [and the most basic reaction you want to achieve] is that your video must cause some kind of human/emotional reaction in another person. You want that person to feel. It connects you as a human animal with emotions. How you achieve this goal depends on you, but there is no doubt that you have the ability to achieve this goal. At this point, another person is not only willing, but will be happy to share your video.

Your video value will continue to be available. This means that the person who shares it will be the hero in the eyes of the recipient. However, if possible, you should try to keep the video positive. You want viewers to associate positive emotions with videos rather than negative emotions.

Respect the attention of the audience
Speaking of videos, you don't want them to be too long. It takes two to three minutes. As in the case of written content, people don't have the time or patience to stick to a long-form video. In terms of video length, it is important to respect the abilities of others.

Don't promote
Content [whether it's a blog, video, or other type of content] should be informative, not advertised. The last thing anyone wants is "hard selling." While there is no doubt that your ultimate goal is to get the other party to buy what you sell, the way you achieve it is also very important. The first thing you have to do is let another person contact you and build a relationship.

If you have to promote your brand, you need to do it in a separate way, while the other person doesn't even realize that you are doing it. You want to highlight what you represent and what you can do for them, and let them feel that you are really sharing valuable information because you are a kind person and want to help him or her solve problems Or she is currently experiencing. It's that simple.

Differentiate where you post your video
It's important to realize that not all types [and topics] are suitable for all online locations. It's important to do your homework before putting the video anywhere, so that you can get a huge impact so that the person watching it wants to give it to someone else so they can benefit. Not all social networks are designed for the same type of content. If you do research first, it will save you a lot of trouble and later frustration. You'll know exactly where to post the video to get the most impact and get the best results.

How do you attract people to watch?
This is the most important issue. Publishing videos only is not enough. You need to post it on a social media channel where you can have a lot of great fans. This is the only way for others to share your video. It is important to connect with people on these channels. After all, you don't want to leave any chances when making your video viral. People responded well to emotional reactions. This means it can produce humor, emotion or any other emotion between videos. One thing is certain is that the other party will react in some way.

in conclusion
Just like written content, it's important to understand the impact of video on another person. This happens only if you understand your platform [final details]. Of course, make sure you make it easy for you to interact with you. You can take the form of a call to action [CTA]. CTA is the only way the other party must be able to contact you. If you make your video interesting, there will be some surprises that will make it useful, and of course, make it positive and you will get what you expect from another person.

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