Creating Podcasts to Reach a Global Spanish Audience

Creating Podcasts to Reach a Global Spanish Audience
Podcasting is growing rapidly in Spanish speaking countries. The Spanish language is the third most spoken language of the world. It is the official tongue of nearly two dozen countries and it is spoken in the US by more than 50 million people. Spanish has more native speakers than any language other than Mandarin. Podcasting is growing in the Hispanic world. Microsoft, Engadget, BBC, National Public Radio, CNN, several Hispanics radio networks and thousands of passionate podcasts have recognized the potential and are producing podcasts in Spanish. Discover how Spanish language podcasting is growing in the US, Spain, México, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina and many other countries. Find out the current trends in formats and available opportunities. Learn how to do a successful Spanish language podcast in a unique workshop. Why Attend this Event? You will Leave with the knowledge of how to launch a Spanish language podcast. Understand the podcast Spanish market: what works, challenges, process and tools required to launch a successful podcast. You will learn he five key elements of a podcast: 1. Planning 2. Pre production 3. Production 4. Marketing 5. Evaluation Content of the  full day workshop: 1. Planning What are podcasts and why they are so popular. Differences and similarities between radio and podcasts. How to create a simple business plan for your podcast. How to select a format. Strategies to monetize a podcast. 2. Pre production Researching the topic and the guests. Tools to do this work. 3. Production Best practices to do interviews. Key concepts in producing audio. How to choose the right equipment and software for your podcast. Principles to record and edit audio. What is the feed? Key criteria to select a podcast hosting company. 4. Marketing Principles to develop a social media marketing plan. Essential podcasts directories that Spanish listeners visit to add your podcast. 5. Evaluation Why evaluation is important? The value of doing and learning from mistakes. Training Method Podcasting Talks. Practical exercises. Panels. Speaker and panelists Melvin Rivera Velázquez is the main workshop speaker and leader. He is the founder of Vía Podcast the first audio marketing agency that helps individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations to amplify the influence with Spanish speaking audiences using Podcasts. He is the producer of the first Spanish podcast and Blog about podcasting in the US. He also produces a Spanish podcast with more than 100,000 downloads. He was a former radio announcer and station manager. Melvin moderates the Hispanic FB community Solo Podcasting where hundreds of Hispanic podcasters from several countries share experiences and best practices. Harry Duran, is the producer of Podcast Junkies and founder of Full Cast which provides podcasts production and marketing services. Felix Monterala, is the founder of Audio Dice Network, a digital audio podcast network owned by The Potential Millionaire Group catering to the U.S. multi-language world. This workshop will be in Spanish language. For More information visit:

at Anaheim Marriott
700 Convention Way
Anaheim, United States

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