Creative AI Hack Night #1 – Gentle Introduction To TensorFlow

Creative AI Hack Night #1 - Gentle Introduction To TensorFlow
Let's get together for a few hours and set up a TensorFlow environment so that we can get started working on projects in TensorFlow! Who is this for: - Anyone who is excited about working on creative applications of AI - People working in the creative industry who want to get into TensorFlow - People interested in deep learning but not familiar with the field at all We'll cover: - How to run TensorFlow with conda - How to evaluate simple mathematical expressions - How to use TensorBoard Expected Knowledge: - TensorFlow is a Python library, so we will be writing Python code; however, we will go over everything together. Code of Conduct: We will follow the Django Code of Conduct:, in summary: - Be friendly and patient. - Be welcoming. - Be considerate. - Be respectful. - Be careful in the words that you choose. - When we disagree, try to understand why. Why A Fee?: To encourage attendence. All money received via EventBrite will be donated to a charity of our choosing (will announce/discuss on the night.) Organisers: This event is organised by the Melbourne Creative AI Meetup -

at Silverpond Office
Level 1, 382 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, Australia



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