Crossing Serbia – a piece of land undiscovered, a romantic land

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On the western border of Serbia, we crossed the Valjevo Gorge [canyon], and as we were its first settlers, we rushed through the river and we crossed the river as we crossed. A steam train passes us through the green woods that start from Mokra Gora and crosses the mountain on the steam fuel track of the Sargan Eight. After a subtle flow of the mighty Dunabe River from Novi Sad's small coastline, an evening, on both sides is an outstanding and brilliant sun that is sent to a narrow point that looks like the quiet end of its overwhelming course . On the other hand, our small pontoon has won many twists and turns in the 10-km-long Uvac River, surrounded by mountain plateaus.

The nature of Serbia: Since then, Serbia’s back and forth movement has not only originated from its social transformation. A 75% bumpy country! I mean mountain! It is littered with rolling green safe natural parks, canyons, rivers and lakes. I spent seven days investigating the full range of countries west of the capital, Belgrade – from the coastline of Novi Sad to the valleys of Valjevo, the wilderness of Gostrobro to the mountains of Zlatibor and the Tara countries. The park is vast to the huge winding Uvac Gorge.

If there is one thing, that is, Serbia is not really known, it is full of unaffected and unfamiliar nature. Traveling in Serbia is to move the natural environment it presents to it to dynamically explore its multi-level and unique landscape.

Because when you deprive an incredible social and governmental issue, Serbia's landscape and natural glory are the only things that haven't changed here and will not change.

Walking through the Gradak River, Valjevo: The Gradak River passes through what I call the ideal and original landscape of Serbia. Steep slopes, towering rock development and cliff faces surround a shallow river that passes through the woodland and grasslands of this safe area in white and silver tones. When we hike through the towns of Valjevo, its water is our symbol. The city is located in this bumpy terrain – it is said that this 50-kilometer city represents a natural suburb of northwestern Serbia. Wild Serbia is an experience tourism organization established by local people from this region, taking you to the center of the region – deep into the canyon, through the forest, deep into the knees into the cold, icy clear water, twisted trees and dirt roads on both sides !

Awkward Uvac Canyon: We landed on a curved street at the edge of a high cliff. The main goal was a swing, just asking us to let the deceased speak out and enter the field of vision. After entering the Uvac Canyon in southwestern Serbia, this is a flexible flight, bearing in mind that only 10,000 feet of landscape can capture the remarkable curve of the river, even if this scene is enough to make people feel the wild And the feeling of freedom. The scenery of this country.

We leaned along the artificial slope and went straight to the river. We could rent a boat and driver. The Pontoon Tour is a must-see here, where you will feel like you are swallowed up by all the clichés of a wonderful natural scene, and sliding in the canyons of the Uvac River still feels like you have never observed a similar thing. Reflections of blue and green have never been seen before. Really, you didn't!

Rafting on the Danube: Obviously, the largest river crossing Serbia is the Danube – a ruthless spread across 10 countries, from the west of Germany and Austria to the Balkan Plain [and long-term Ukraine]. There is no way to avoid the extension of the second largest river in Europe, and its wide river banks and endless appearance are easy to explore.

From the beaches of Novi Sad, Serbia's second largest city, we skilly skim through a small dune, like a mysterious island, then jump in a kayak and paddle to the quietest corner. Dunavski Rafting is your master. You are welcome to board its wooden house-like vessel. All the equipment you have is floating around. The guides throughout the place know the waters. Isn't it a great story?

Take the Sargan 8th Railway: Take the Sargan 8 through the rugged valleys and the narrow canyon railway in southwestern Serbia is a cultural transformation experience, whether you only need a short half-hour trip. The steam-prepared emerald green shell is an eagerly nerdy nerd fantasy, situated in a time-lapse environment. Perhaps in the late 1900s, it was originally carried out through a limited gauge from Sarajevo to Belgrade, a connection that was closed in 1974.

Now you can jump up in the town of Mokra Gora and accept the bar code label of the trunk in the green trembling as you pass through the Sargan channel that was rebuilt in mid-2000.

This is a place with a diverse landscape. Serbia's natural treasures have not been affected by the controversy, giving it another new life, and also hope that the local people can show the good side we once had. If you have one, listen.

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