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Because change is seen as the taste of life, like all forms of marketing, PR has undergone tremendous changes over the years. From limiting print media to working with journalists, modern PR practices have evolved to be completely different from decades ago. As each company's online business and customer interactions increase, new forms of community outreach programs are beginning to catch on. Bloggers, influencers and social media managers have played the role of journalists in the field of modern public relations.

Traditional public relations personnel who only work with the news department have discovered that the new concept of digital communication in the new era is very interesting on the Internet and social media. Blogs and contact influencers seem strange to them. Some people don't even admit that this is PR. However, well-informed public relations professionals or those who understand the Internet industry recognize the importance of word of mouth and social media marketing. Today, journalists who are proficient in numbers are well aware of the art and importance of sending real-time information through live broadcasts of important press conferences.

In the past, news, radio and television were the main sources of information dissemination. Unless the event is very successful, these are the only media that can convey information and keep public relations personnel unaware of the results of such information. Today, digital PR not only helps create a two-way communication process, but marketers can determine the audience's wishes and shape their information and products accordingly. In addition, modern public relations channels, such as blogs, social media and general online promotional activities, provide PR professionals with accurate pictures of the effectiveness of public relations activities. They can add spices as needed. Even the information content of today's public relations activities has changed. Instead of focusing on the brand and its spokesperson, it is determined to provide something valuable to its customers. Brands have stopped talking about themselves and how they are "best" because more than 100 people say the same thing. Content is the king of this information age, and no matter the best content, it will attract more viewers. The content recognition of social media influencers is critical to helping you succeed with your competitors in modern digital PR. When others talk about you often, you will benefit from these positive mentions. This makes influencers very influential in determining brand growth.

According to PR's Press Note is no longer the only PR strategy, brands are writing blogs and encouraging other influential bloggers to review their products. Using more visually appealing and engaging information helps brands get better content and more popular content, and the more viral the PR activities. As social media becomes a very influential means of communication today, brands can not only avoid these platforms. Brands constantly need to create compelling content to initiate conversations between them and their audience.

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