Dance ethics and code of conduct

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Like any sport or hobby, dance has ethical principles and codes of conduct. One of the most important things that all dancers should remember is that everyone is having fun there. We all have to share the dance floor and be friendly and polite to other dancers. No other dancers may be recorded on the social dance floor or dance class without prior permission. If you are in a classroom, remember to respect the coach and other dancers.

Although you may already know the teacher's teaching content, your partner may not have it. If you have a problem, be sure to point it to the instructor. This is the price they pay. Excessive chattering can result in you being unable to attend classes, or your partner may miss a small amount of information you need to improve your dance or perform a specific mode. This may sound harsh, but remember that everyone is there to learn.

It is highly recommended to wear suitable clothing and footwear. The last thing you want to do while dancing is to worry that your clothes will continue to exist or be too tight or uncomfortable. For foot wear, you need leather or suede soles or boots. Thick rubber soles or shoes that fall off your feet can cause injuries. Sandals can be particularly troublesome, especially when they don't have a harness.

Because we all dance together, showers, clean clothes, deodorants and mints are all orderly. Since many people are sensitive to them, it is recommended to give up or use a small amount of perfume. If you are sweating, you can carry a towel and one or two extra shirts with you. Chewing gum is not recommended because it often ends up on the floor and then some expensive dance shoes. Not to mention seeing a dancer chewing gum on the dance floor looks cheesy.

Keep tidy and respectful to the club or studio you are dancing. You should always accept it yourself. This is especially important in a classroom setting. Classrooms are often set up in the classroom, and all small packages are picked up from around the room after the course is not a mentor. It’s also like leaving the empty bottle. “It’s just not cool!” Although social dance is a ritual of accepting dance invitations, rejection is acceptable. If you refuse, then another dance proposal that accepts the same song will be inappropriate etiquette. There are always exceptions, but try to follow these guidelines.

While some of these suggestions seem quite obvious to most people, look around and I believe you will see at least one or two criminals! Sometimes people just don't realize or don't think about it, or just remember what they need to do in dance, they just don't think about anything else. I hope to let those who are unaware of it feel and thank those of you! Let us work hard to maintain a great dance community!

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