Data Recovery: How to recover from a hard drive failure

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Unfortunately, most home users and many business users do not back up their systems. In addition, many small businesses have older backup programs that are usually not valid for recovering files.

Of course, you can go to your neighbor's electronics store and buy a replacement drive for your computer, but what about your data on the failed hard drive? How important is it? Have you saved or backed up?

What should I do:


If you need to recover data on your hard drive, the first thing to do is to avoid trying to reboot or perform any operations involving the drive. Doing so may actually cause more damage to your data.

The only irreversible data loss is due to coverage, physical damage to the drive platter or damage to the disk magnetization, which is rare in the real world. In most cases, the failure is caused by board damage, mechanical component failure, and internal software system tracking or firmware crashes.

In the event of a physical hard drive failure, only data recovery professionals can recover your data. And the fact that you cannot access data through the operating system does not necessarily mean that your data is lost.

If you hear a click from the hard drive, or the computer's S.M.A.R.T. as a "rule of thumb." Function indicates an error during the startup process and an error occurred. You should stop using your hard drive immediately to avoid further damage and may result in unrecoverable information on your hard drive.

After receiving the failed hard drive, the first step in the data recovery expert is to try to save the image of the damaged drive to another drive. This image drive, rather than the actual damaged drive, is where the data recovery expert will try to recover lost data.

The next step in the imaging process is to determine if the hard drive failure is an actual failure, a system damage, or a system trace problem.

Expert data recovery software is often used to fix system damage and system tracking issues. System damage or system trace recovery does not require processing in a clean room environment.

in conclusion:


Unfortunately, damage to the drive board or failure of the head drive is not uncommon. In each failure, the data recovery specialist should only operate the system in a clean room environment. There, experts can replace drive electronics, internal components, read/write arms, write/read heads, spindle motors or spindle bearings from the donor drive to access data on the failed hard drive. In most cases, data recovery experts can retrieve and return lost data.

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