Dating tips to find your credit score match

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This can be caused by many factors. For example, people with similar credit scores may be in a similar income range and therefore have similar tastes and habits. Moreover, people with similar credit scores [whether low or high] may have a similar attitude towards life. Think about it. If your partner is strictly obsessed with keeping their credit scores perfect, on the other hand you are a little more relaxed on this issue, missing some payments here and there – you are likely to have different personalities.

With all of this in mind, we've created 7 handy first date dating tips to help you find your credit score match. Keep reading to take advantage of these handy romantic [and financial!] tips.

Talking about mortgages.

  Well, mortgages may not be the most romantic topic on the surface, but they are related to several terrible aspects of our lives. For example: Do we want to settle down? Are we the homeowner? Do we want to share a home with the people we love, or would we rather travel around the world with them? Negative credit scores can affect your chances of getting a mortgage, so why not solve problems by talking about deeper topics, such as when you and your date see yourself falling into love in a few years. time. Now this may be a very romantic topic!

Talking about marriage.

  Did you know that if you are married, your partner's negative credit score will affect your own? Discussing your attitude towards marriage on your first date is a good way to determine if your potential partner values ​​stability – both economically and romantically. After all, these two stabilityes tend to go hand in hand.

Check with them the regrets of the past.

  Asking someone about their biggest regret is a fairly common first date! It is far from understanding someone. Sometimes these registrations will be financial registrations – debt entry, and loans used for off-track projects. Or maybe your future lover regrets being too cautious about their money! No matter what your answer to this question is, if you prefer, you can continue to ask them for their credit score, or just use the discussion to assess their attitude towards risk and more general rewards.

Talk about your career.

  Are you all a reserve member? You can combine! Or maybe you all work in the same economically stable career. Either way, talking about your career prospects, hopes and past is a great way to get to know each other – and each other's credit scores.

Ask them what to do with a lot of money.

  What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow? This is a common first dating issue. If your appointment indicates "use this money to pay off all my reasonable credit card debt." Or "get yourself out of bankruptcy" and then you can have a good understanding of their credit scores! Of course, if someone's credit report is not well fixed, that doesn't mean you shouldn't date them at all – all these signs indicate what their attitude towards life is and whether they are consistent with you.

Ask how organized they are.

  Another good question can help you understand your partner's personality and credit score. If someone is very confused, they may find it difficult to continue paying the creditors on time. A super organized person will usually be above their credit and financial situation.

Just ask for their credit score.

  If you want to tell the truth about your date, why not cut into the chase. Ask them what their credit score is and reveal your credit score if you wish. You can open this conversation by saying ' I just read an fascinating little article about how to find your credit score match on the first date…'

All in all, it's a good idea to ask someone about their credit score on the first date to determine if you will be a good match in the long run. And, if you don't want to do this, you don't need to do this: simplify the conversation by discussing general topics such as life plans and attitudes toward money.

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