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There are strange music everywhere. Rubbing the hands on either side of the bathtub by hand will give off the extraordinary air whale flatulence [sometimes try]. In the pot, indigo olive oil beg for bok choi and shrimp. The rain-filled shoes squeaked and screamed to the ocean echoes from the hall. Dolphins sing. Humming. It is always there.

Our life experience is a vibrating experience. Everything vibrates at its own frequency. Many of these sound vibrations fall above or below our ability to directly perceive them. In these cases, geniuses like David Rosenboom can find ways to give us access. In his recently re-released EM Records, we thank the brain for thinking. This reissue is a set of music originally recorded in 1971, 1972 and 1974, but given its tone and structure, it sounds weird forever.

Although there are other instruments on the album, the brainwaves of the listeners are first captured. The Rosenboom system uses relays in so-called biofeedback. Biofeedback is a collection of thought waves and body reactions of various stimuli. As our mental information, our brainwaves will change. Waves can be measured and they are found to vibrate at different frequencies. Rosenboom uses the interface between the brain and the synthesizer to generate tones. When the performers gradually develop through various mentalities, they will appear in the real world.

Once we understand the novelty of how this music is produced, we will leave a sound. The most important quality is the all-round drone. Drones are an important part of most non-Western music. However, the Western world does have drones. Bluegrass music is full of it. It appears in work songs, mountain music, and even in jazz.

Drones are our natural state. It stems from our biological rhythms and is constantly flowing. Listen to your heart at the doctor's office. Feel the snoring of blood through your ears during meditation. These subtle but vital buzzs bring us into the process of living and connect us with it.

  Drones are everywhere. Who won't stop outside to listen to the ocean or the waterfall? Most of the tracks on Brainwave Music are full of space war. sound. The sound is flashing, pulsed and humming, with a flicker of happiness. Rosenboom also uses some minimalist pianos and ethereal vocals to achieve good results. As an additional bonus for this reissue, there is another 17 minutes of live footage at the 1972 Experimental Music Festival. Therefore, if you feel the pull and power of the drone, then this disk is essential to listen.

Given that our life experience is indeed an interaction with sound, it is necessary to open our ears and learn to accept a wider palette of sounds. Artists like David Rosenboom provide us with access. We have to take the first step.

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