Dealing With Computer Viruses And The Popular Myths Surrounding Them

With almost all our activities based on computers today, it can be very irritating to find that your computer is not functioning. However, this does happen regularly due various reasons key among them being computer viruses. With the increased internet usage, it is very easy for viruses to find their way into your computer. Ironically, it is also one of the ways that you can keep viruses out by updating your antivirus program regularly.

There is a wide misconception among people about viruses. This has led to the generation of a number of myths about Viruses. Most people have a conception that simply installing antivirus software can help them keep their computer protected. But, this is not the only solution, since advanced Viruses are being created everyday that bye-pass the older versions of your antivirus software. Therefore it is very important to keep your antivirus program updated regularly.

Another general myth among people is that they think Computer Viruses are the main cause whenever their computers stop working. In such conditions, sometimes viruses may be the reason, but not most of the time because they need the system to spread out. This is quite similar to the notion held by people that computer hardware is also destroyed by viruses. Since it is almost impossible for viruses to do so, they mostly affect only the software part of your system.

Some people also believe that viruses hide mostly in pictures and data files. However, the truth is that they hide only inside executable programs, which the data files are not. And with pictures, they are also not executable programs, but they are read using other programs.

With so much misinformation and myths surrounding these troublesome programs called Computer Viruses, the question still remains unanswered that how could one save a computer from viruses? Installing antivirus program and setting up firewalls can tremendously help you in saving your computer against virus attacks from the internet. Configuring the firewall properly is also an important aspect, because it can sometimes block the antivirus program from automatically updating its versions from the internet.

In addition to internet, flash drives also harbor malicious programs that could be transferred from one computer to another. Your antivirus software is sure to give you the vital protection, but adding special software to scan the flash drives helps you additionally in protecting the computer.

Some people also have the conception that computer viruses are promoted by antivirus companies in order to enhance their business, but the truth is that Computer Viruses are created by individuals, who simply want to prove that they are better at doing so.

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