Decorating Your Hardware

Hardware and cabinets are a home’s face, and it means a lot to people that they look right. While it can be a tough job for the upkeep of cabinets, it’s important. This is because they tend to be the face of the house and you don’t need to be worried because there are good options for you. Keep reading for some inspiration on how you can spruce your cabinets up.

Custom-made hardware

It is easy to create a look and feel in your home that you won’t find anywhere else with custom-made cabinet handles and matching interior hardware. You can consult with a cabinet maker about creating unique pieces that reflect the style that you are aiming for. Ideas for custom-made hardware include transforming small children’s toys into cabinet hooks or custom-made jewelry pendants into handles. The process is usually simple and only involves attaching screws to items so that they can be affixed to the cabinets.

Added to this is the chance to see them with an array of finishes. You can make bold statements by going for bronze hardware, or get a classic finish by using a bit of gold. Silver or chrome fits best with modern kitchens and bathrooms, and genuine wood handles can be a unique way to accentuate your richly-hued wooden cabinet doors.

The quality of hardware

When replacing your hardware, it is a good idea to examine the quality of it so that you can make your cabinets last longer. Wear and tear when it comes to cabinet hardware is more than most things that are in the home, so with this in mind fit durable drawer slides with cabinets put together not with staples but screws so it is easier to use.


In addition to updating cabinet hardware, you can also reface your cabinets for just a fraction of the cost that it takes to replace them. Cabinet laminates have made many strides in quality over the years, so the real wood look through thermofoil or melamine is easier than ever. If you are a bit of a maverick, consider adding a finish with a new coat or re-texturing your cabinets can be a good idea. If you’re really creative, you can try bleaching or sanding your cabinets and painting them a different colour altogether to update the look of your home.

When it comes to making your cabinets stand out, creativity is the key. Try thinking outside the box so that you can come up with decorative cabinet hardware ideas that other homeowners will envy.

There are so many different ways that you can go about decorating your hardware, and this gives you some great ideas. For more on this, have a look for atlas homewares and the different types of amerock for your cabinets.

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