Defamiliarization of photography

2019-04-27 Arts No comment

When people ask me what I am studying at university, they are often surprised to hear that I major in English literature. One because I guess they want to hear me study photography, or two because they are just surprised to hear that an Asian actually decides to major in English rather than science, engineering, business, etc.

Although I didn't keep too much from the English Lite. I have taught me that one of the concepts I have been talking about recently is to defoam. In essence, it is an artistic skill, and the audience views ordinary and familiar things in new or strange ways. The word itself comes from Russia from

Ostranenie from

 Can be literally translated as "making strange". The most important application of this concept to poetry is justified, because we find the inner depth of meaning and symbol in what seems to be the opposite of simplicity.

Although we may not be poets, this is an exercise that should be as attractive as a photographer. Many of us have put it into practice in one way or another. For example, think about black and white photography for a second. Depending on the goals you are shooting and trying to achieve, colors sometimes distract, but colors are the colors we see regularly. When done correctly, capturing images in black and white will allow us to see it in a completely different and weird new way. Macro, abstract, almost any form of photography can be used to achieve this, just pay close attention to the surrounding details and notice the existing beauty. Your theme doesn't always need grand or exotic to be fun, because defamiliarization is not suitable for fiction.

This may sound a bit fancy and too simple, but I believe that every piece made by humans is full of a certain degree of artistry, each with its creator's vision and creativity. All we need to do is see it there.

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