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Defense Industry Overview

The defense industry is a broad and diverse country that covers a wide range of fields, including military, air force, security services, communications, logistics and personnel.

For security reasons, many defensive themes cannot enter the public eye, so PR is needed to protect against problems and when events occur.

In the defense industry, there are thousands of companies of all shapes and sizes, and some companies regularly participate in media spotlights [such as the BAE system], some even rare.

The defense sector is still a commercial industry, subject to capital, politics, and economics; therefore, marketing is needed to make a defense company stand out. Therefore, PR and marketing are required for various applications [promotions, product launches, crisis public relations, etc.].

The importance of public relations to the defense industry

PR is very important to many defense companies, so choosing the right agent is critical.

When choosing a public relations agency, there are several factors to consider before choosing an agency:

Defense experience

For many defense companies, the most important thing is experience, because understanding the market is critical to success. Many defense companies will use the internal resources that have been screened [and in some cases signed the Official Secrets Act] to handle public relations, and there are few security risks.

However, defense companies sometimes turn to major public relations companies for projects, events, and media support; here is the starting point for the experience.

When communicating with the media department, knowledge of the industry and products can add specific value; and know which media channels to talk to.


Many government [and private] defense companies have been criticized for cutting costs due to the economic downturn. Many departments are undergoing censorship, and some departments have already made cuts; marketing and public relations will be no different.

Getting value for money is something that the government is currently studying [especially in the case of the defense industry's over-bright lighting bulbs, which pays £25 per bulb and can find around £2 on the Internet].

Any public relations agency working in the defense sector is likely to be affected by improvements in costs and increased job output. PR prices vary by agent; therefore, you can compare some PR companies to find out which ones offer the best PR packages.

compared to

As mentioned above, the defense industry is a very commercial sector. Any company looking for anything in today's world will have a higher cost, and a public relations company is no exception. By comparing public relations agencies with defensive experience, not only can alternative companies be found, but also cost savings can be found by comparison [compared to any form of price comparison].

There are many public relations agencies with experience in the UK defense industry. The only problem is to find them. The Internet is a big place with billions of websites, so finding something specific can be both time consuming and frustrating.

By using comparison services, defense companies can obtain quotes and options from different defense experience public relations agencies for comparison. Then, this should provide the best choice for public relations activities at the best price.

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