Dell Precision 7520 Review – Important information about beautiful, reliable mobile workstations

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If a machine can provide everything a mobile workstation needs, it could be the Dell Precision 7520. It comes with powerful hardware and basic security features. The chassis is made of strong metal and the cover is made of carbon fiber. This is a fairly sturdy laptop that can withstand bumps and falls.

Available in touch and non-touch display options, each screen size is 15.6 inches. If you choose the UltraSharp UHD display, you get the highest quality images and colors. You can even find the tiniest details in your photos. The cheapest configuration includes an FHD TN non-touch anti-glare display [1920 x 1080], which is quite good in itself.

The 7520 is equipped with a full-size backlit keyboard with a key distance of approximately 1.7 mm and a numeric keypad of 10 keys. The 3.9" x 2.2" touchpad features three mouse buttons, including typical left and right buttons and a center button for scrolling.

This Precision workstation can be equipped with your choice of Intel Core Xeon and Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. Depending on the CPU you choose, the processor will have at least 6MB or 8MB of cache and up to 4.10GHz with turbo technology.

The Dell Precision 7520 has four DIMM slots, giving you the opportunity to expand your memory to 64GB [DDR4 2400-MHz NECC]. If you need dedicated graphics, you can use a Radeon Pro WX card or an NVIDIA Quadro [4GB] GDDR5 card. This is the ideal solution if you plan to edit graphics or play games.

Connectivity of the Dell Precision 7520

There are a variety of ports and slots that you can use to connect your workstation to other devices or monitors. The SD card reader is compatible with SD, SDXC and SDHC multimedia. You have 4 USB 3.0 ports with Powershare, 1 Thunderbolt port, a smart card reader, HDMI, mDP and headphone/microphone combo jacks.

The best thing about the 7520 is that it supports two storage devices: an M.2 PCIe 2.5 SATA and an M.2 PCIe SSD. Both drives should provide sufficient storage capacity for all basic files, documents and programs.

When ordering the Dell Precision 7520, be sure to review all customization options so you don't ignore anything. Be sure to order the exact hardware specifications and features required for your work and/or game. Dell also offers a lot of excellent software. This mobile workstation is a must, so don't miss the opportunity to order it at a reasonable price!

Do you really want this notebook? Does it seem to provide everything you need? Getting a Dell Precision 7520 discount is easy. When you find the Dell promotional code you want to use, just read the details to make sure you can use it for your order.

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