Different types of data communication media

The process of transferring data from one computer to another is called a communication medium. Data communication involves the transmission of digital information to different electronic devices over a wireless or wired connection. The two commonly used computer communication media used are bounded and unbounded media.

A. Binding media

Data transmission over a physical connection is called bounded media because the signal is sent from one computer in the network to other external devices. You can connect your computer to a network to share files and devices on your network, which helps you pass information faster. Bounded media is a faster data communication that provides high-speed signal transmission over long distances and is the most reliable medium for information transmission.

Bounded media is divided into three types of data communications that can connect to different types of networks. These cables include:

Coaxial cable

This is the most common bounded media, and many electronic devices transmit data. It is designed with two copper wires in parallel. It has a sturdy central copper conductor that transmits signals and is covered with a protective cover to reduce electromagnetic interference. Coaxial cables come in different sizes, are reasonably priced, and are easier to use. They are easy to install and support capacities up to 10Mps and medium attenuation. Although it is very popular, the only serious drawback is that the entire network is always affected by a single cable failure.

2. Twisted pair

There are two types of twisted pairs, including unshielded and shielded twisted pairs. It is usually used because it is lighter and less expensive. They consist of twisted solid copper wires that help reduce sensitivity to EMI and crosstalk effects. This type of cable is cheaper and can support speed capacities up to 100 mps.

3. Fiber

Unlike other types of cables, optical fibers communicate using electrical signals and are composed of a reflective cladding that causes loss of light in the glass core. Although expensive and difficult to install, fiber optic cables can support at least 2 gbps and are less susceptible to EMI interference. It also has very fast data transfer and very low attenuation compared to other data cables.

B. Unlimited media

This type of data communication medium develops a network of multiple computers over a wireless connection. Creating a wireless connection is much easier because you don't need a physical connection and can connect to multiple computers in your room. Unbounded media uses space or air as a transmission medium for electronic waves. Some unbounded media are satellite, radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wireless network installation is easier and faster than bounded media that requires expert configuration. With wireless settings, you can also transfer large amounts of data files to any networked computer because unbounded media supports very high bandwidth, just like a wired network.

Often, in order to transfer data through a networked computer, you must use media of bounded or unbounded type. Depending on the type of network you are creating, you need a convenient media type for consistent and correct data communication.

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