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Our client, sales director, digs deeper again, trying to explain the seemingly endless performance of his 100-person salesperson. The products they sell are suitable for the market, but there is a gap.


This is obvious after talking to several members of the sales team. The time it takes for everyone to prepare a professional presentation is out of date and cost his people valuable sales time. Downloading artwork and copies for regional Power Point and proposals is cumbersome and time consuming, not to mention the lack of standardized formats for the weaker content on his team. The phone he gave me immediately triggered a customized software and process application.


I have developed a proprietary base software program to build custom applications to meet the specific needs of our customers. It will be a web-based editable template system for downloading sales proposals from the site. The final output will be turnkey, secure, scalable and customizable to meet the unique requirements of this project when searching, sorting, viewing, downloading or transferring proposal elements from the "browser" format.

This internal customer application will allow our customer sales staff to build custom proposals from pre-approved downloadable templates. We built the template into 10 proposal element areas.

The benefits of this approach will enable the sales team to;

– Use all or part of some elements to meet specific advertising requirements for each specific customer.

– Edit all downloadable texts and artwork to meet their specific needs,

– Build, save and download final proposals from company site links, or email proposals directly to their respective customers.

Project Overview – Phase 1 [Digital]

Our goal is to provide 100 approved salespeople and managers with real-time download and transfer tools available to quickly build and edit proposals for intensive customer and product listings.

Initially, we envisioned a digital application that included the following product and service areas;

Online advertising

  2. Electronic communication

  3. Digital magazine

  4. Electronic explosion

  5. Network sponsorship

  6. Keyword sponsorship.

Successful completion will allow for continued expansion into the balance of magazine and exhibit products in the Proposal Author software application.

Each drop-down template can be downloaded from the element library. These collaborative content elements will include; illustrations, logos, and copy elements that will be included in the template. Any element changes that will be allowed in the allowed library will be reflected in all available library materials. The output format can include 8 1/2" x 11" vertical or horizontal format.


An agent [account manager] person will be the key person responsible for managing this task with the client and will interact with the account management team led by an experienced project manager.

The account manager will lead the team through the key initial transition phase. Once the transition phase is complete, the process is in place, documentation is written, and the agency lead account manager will contact the account management team to handle daily needs.

The organization's responsibilities include: – Program management and implementation – Continuous communication and support – Process documentation, improvements, recommendations – Continuous quality program improvement – Planning – Measurement, reporting, promotion – IT team responsibility areas – Site design and development – Testing – Collaboration with IT teams – continuous quality planning improvements

Text-based project management process description – From startup to billing, the flowchart outlines the key steps that will be provided to the customer.

Digital proposal creation template/library element

  1. Illustration/artwork
    1. Logo – Prospect / Customer
    2. 6 digital titles [master], including; online advertising, electronic communications, digital magazines, electronic advertising, web sponsorship and keyword sponsorship.
  2. executive Summary
    1. Digital environment analysis
  3. Introduction
    1. Online audience/service overview/advantages…all products
  4. Customer advertising campaigns target the goals and benefits of six digital services. How each recommended product service helps customers achieve their goals.
    1. Digital product content review
  5. Advertising Overview – Suggest how to achieve sales, traffic or other goals for potential customers.
    1. Includes specifications and details for all recommended digital media.
  6. Activity schedule –
    1. Calendar/schedule matrix
  7. Planned budget
    1. Online solution rate matrix
  8. Enhance services to consider and improve current program recommendations for the long term
  9. Contact Information – Personalization of each sales office.
  10. Appendix – Need to back up to answer proposal questions or provide opportunities for further participation… 5 to 10 elements.

After successfully merging all digital product and service applications, we will implement publications and event content on the site. This includes building a link directly from our Customer Headquarters Sales Support website to a landing page or storefront that completely creates a brand for our customer end users and dedicated domains. Once the required password and username are verified, the content changes are downloaded based on the customer's approval, once a quarter.

As each salesperson becomes accustomed to downloading the copy and art elements directly from their dedicated website into their presentation, the proposal will begin to flow, increasing domestic and international sales.

More importantly, as our processes and software are in place, we feel that our sales director will become more sensitive to the personal and geographic requirements of his field forces. He will be able to make further sales and marketing policy changes to improve his team's performance.

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