Disadvantages of computers in the classroom

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The most important fact that should be explained at the outset is that computers are a tool, like any educational tool, from books to crayons, which can be used to enhance the curriculum and promote learning, but it can also be misused and misused. In this article, I will discuss the shortcomings of installing computers in the classroom due to abuse and abuse of this tool.

I find it difficult to find research on this topic because not only is there little research on the effectiveness of computers in the classroom, but the research there is often done by software companies and may therefore be biased. [Emmans 2001]. Although there is no clear answer to the question of computers becoming friends or enemies in the classroom, there are many problems that can be solved by a good or bad problem that cannot be solved.

For example, most of the software designed for children attracts them. If nothing else, it will at least attract the attention of the children. While this may seem like a positive feature, considering this, just because the TV show caught your attention, will it necessarily educate you? The answer to this is simple. Some people may do this, but certainly not everyone does it. In most cases they are just entertaining. This makes me challenge some software, not all software. As a teacher, you can't use time padding because children can watch TV at home or play on a computer, but as a teacher, we must educate. If the software has no educational value, what good is it? teacher?

Another reason why computers become a disadvantage when defending teachers is that sometimes software is not obvious because it is non-educational. This can be a common mistake for any educator. When a product may be educational, it will be fooled when it is just an entertainment software in an educational outfit for these easy-to-handle teachers.

According to Cindy C. Emmans [2001], Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Central Washington, software in the classroom…

“Usually feedback is the key to learning, and computers are attractive because this feedback can be implemented immediately, which is of course a very effective learning tool. Unfortunately, this feedback is usually not common, probably because it is not It's easy to go back to the original question and try again, or the student must review the original content from the beginning instead of going back one or two steps. In some cases, the feedback of the wrong answer is more attractive than the feedback on the right, causing the student to just entertain Try to get the wrong answer."

Gerald W. Bracey summed it up in a journal article called Principal, basically saying that bells and whistles are there. But education is not because it is not made by people who know how children learn. [1996, p. 6].

In September 2000, the debate in the field of research continued, and the Children’s Union issued a statement against the use of computers in schools. Eighty experts, including psychiatry, education and philosophy, signed a statement calling for a moratorium on the introduction of computers into national primary schools until a more careful assessment of their effects [Hafner, 2000]. Another influence of computers against computers in the classroom is the education psychologist Jane Healy and the author of the book "Connected Failure", a book that criticizes the educational application of computers. Thomas Clapton interviewed Mrs. Healy, who claimed that computers "can hurt children's personal skills, work habits, motivation, and the development of social skills" [IHT, October 2000, p. 19].

Another reason that computers in the classroom prove to be unfavorable is that computers in the classroom are available to each student. It is difficult to find a school that provides a computer for each student in each classroom. This raises the issue of arranging and rotating students to available computers. [Tiene 2001] This is a brand new ball game that you are spending a lot of time now, which can be used to increase productivity, rather than scheduling computer time for each student. If this is the case, and only a certain number of students can be on the computer at a time, then you are dividing your classroom, rather than integrating it into the right place. Due to the lack of attention of some students, this has led to many difficulties in the teaching of the entire group, which leads to problems in the development of skills. [Tiene 2001].

On the Colorado Education website [2003], I was able to find questions that teachers asked the computer in class. The teacher was asked: “Do you think teaching in a computer-based classroom is not attractive?” one teacher commented. “Students have a tendency to print out their papers at the beginning of the class instead of taking a hard copy. Classroom…" Another teacher said, "Technical difficulty, all your lessons may be if the computer will fall off that day." When teachers were asked about the difficulties faced by themselves and their students because of the computers in the classroom, they replied: "It is very difficult for students to pay attention when they are on the computer." Another teacher commented: "Sometimes I They will send them to work instead of interacting with each other.” Another teacher said that she was afraid of the computer classroom: “The students are on their own screen, they are in their own small world, and they are not talking to their classmates. Sometimes I don't think they even know the names of everyone in their class." [Barnes 2003]

I think these teachers' comments are very important when looking at computer problems in the classroom, because these people actually interact with the children in the classroom. They are not just random studies of software companies, they are real, they See how computers affect their classrooms.

Another computer problem in class is the health of the child. If the child is inserted or incorrectly positioned on the computer for a long time, they will inadvertently impede their health, and some of the problems caused include muscle-skeletal damage and vision problems. [MacArthur and Schneidermann, 1986].

Another problem with computers used in the classroom is that many teachers have not received training in using computers, and many people do not know how to use computers. It takes a lot of time for the teacher to learn the hardware and software of the computer. They also need time to work with other teachers. Time is the time that many teachers use to plan courses and weekly activities in the classroom. Another issue just mentioned is the training of teachers. Some educators did not provide them with local training options. Some people don't have the time or money to spend on it. Another problem is that even if the teacher is trained, there will always be some computer problems. If the teacher puts the entire course on the computer and it crashes, and the teacher has the least skill in using the computer, the system cannot be repaired so they can continue the class. [Tiene 2001]. Therefore, if these events occur, on-site technical experts are needed at all times. Frankly, I don't think there are too many school districts that require additional fees.

Another reason computers are at a disadvantage in the classroom is that if the computer has access to the Internet, if this is the case, the child may be exposed to Internet content that is not suitable for their age. They may also be exposed to child predators, which is a huge problem in today's world.

Although this seems to be somewhat far-fetched, it is really not an article published by the state on the gurdian angel website in 2000.


“The facts are obvious. Children are targeted by the hobbyists, recruited and become victims. What is the relationship or statistics? Isn't it too much? The range of these predators comes from simple closet pedophiles because of belief. They are safe and anonymous behind their account aliases. These highly organized and skilled child porn rings operate primarily outside the United States, behind fast-discarding sites, and anonymous re-mailing, driving their ugly goods to huge profits. Have you heard of it? Children who have been harassed or kidnapped in your hometown? Don’t you teach your child to pay attention to certain things for this reason, instead of talking to strangers or going anywhere? This is our point of view. As you have for real-world courses that you teach your children, it is necessary to teach them courses in the online world." [Hook, 2000].

Simply put, are you sure your child will be closely watched when they go online at school? When a teacher visits the Internet at the same time, it is difficult to pay close attention to each student. So, as a parent or teacher, are you really sure if your computer needs to be in school? I mean, without you, parents or teachers, there is no computer to study at school? I agree that it is necessary to learn the latest technology, but I do not agree to use computers for courses such as math or reading.

All in all, computers in the classroom lack research on the advantages of the classroom. If the software used is not…, the computer in the classroom may not be able to provide the appropriate education for the students.

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