Divine Prosperity – How to sow your financial seeds to get a miracle rich harvest

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In John 10:10, Jesus came to give us a rich life. This rich life includes peace, happiness, love, wisdom, success, health, weight loss, confidence, fertility, spouse, idea of ​​making money, invention, freedom from sin, freedom from fear, holiness, super wisdom, financial richness, etc. It is a blessing. This article focuses only on one of the blessings, financial wealth and how to get it for this purpose.

Compared with the rich people in the world, most of the church has been broken for hundreds of years because they did not say their financial products, nor did they spend time meditation [speak, swear, swear and think]. God's financial commitments are updated. Thought, transforming a person's inner image from poverty to wealth. You need a new mind and a correct understanding of planting and harvesting into your wealthy place. Without a proper understanding of sowing and harvesting and new thinking, even the best financial managers' financial situation far exceeds the financial status of the anointed and instructed sowers, who rethink with the financial commitment of God's Word. .

The proposal is higher than one tenth. One tenth is one tenth of your income. You see, although Christians named their tenths the local church's operating expenses and then took care of their own home expenses, they did not say their financial quotes. As a result, Satan stole the harvest they received from their offerings and left the church with a salary to pay for the bankruptcy. But all this is changing. God is restoring the church's understanding of how to properly sow and harvest. In the last days, he is fulfilling the rumor 13:22b:

"The wealth of sinners is for righteousness."

So let me tell you how to experience financial richness through the biblical principles of sowing and harvesting.

Jesus taught seeding and harvesting. Remember the crowd on the coast of Galilee in Luke 5:3, and Jesus uploaded them from Peter's ship. By lending his boat to Jesus, Peter activated the principle of sowing and harvesting. Peter got a bumper harvest by planting his seeds [boats] into the ministry of Jesus. The fish of the miracle ship. See Luke 5:4-6:

"Now, when he leaves the lecture, he says to Simon [Peter], shoots in the depths, then puts down your net, and then puts down your net. Simon answers him and says, Master, we worked hard all night, and There is nothing left: no matter what, I will still put down the net. When they finish this, they will swallow a lot of fish: and their net brakes.

Just as farmers expect to harvest when they are planted into the soil, you will expect [and have confidence] gains when you put your financial situation into the ministry that the Holy Spirit is urging you to support. It may be your local church or some other ministry that advances the kingdom of God and reaches the soul for Jesus. And make sure to assign tasks to the seeds by naming the seeds at the time of sowing. You can name it "financial breakthrough" or "financial rich." If you are writing a check, write your seed name, "Financial Breakthrough" somewhere on the check.

Important – from

 Sowing is a way of life, not a one-time life. You didn't name your financial seed, plant it, and don't plant it. No, continue to sow, name your seeds until your harvest comes in. After your first financial harvest, continue to plant another financial harvest. The bigger the financial seeds you plant, the bigger the harvest. The bigger the harvest, the bigger the seed you plant, the richer the yield, the more you will enter the richer place.

It may be the day before your first harvest, one week, one month or one year, but your harvest should appear in the appropriate season. Once they start to enter, you can achieve the rich lifestyle that Jesus promises.

"Don't be deceived; God should not be ridiculed: because a person sows, he will also reap" because the person who sows the flesh will be corrupted in the flesh; but the Holy Spirit who delivers the Holy Spirit is the life of eternal life. Let us not get tired of doing well: because in the proper season we will gain if we do not faint" [Gal. 6:7-9].

Here are the planting and harvesting steps that give you the confidence to unleash your financial gains:

Step 1. Know that God is your source of supply – from

 Don't try to figure out how he will do it. That is his job. Your job is to sow and look forward to harvesting.

Step 2. Pray for your wishes – from

 what do you want? Suppose you want a financial breakthrough. Ok. You need a scripture to build your faith. John 16:23 will work. "On that day, you don't ask me anything. I tell you the truth, no matter if you ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you." So, according to John 16:23, in the name of Jesus Ask your heavenly Father to bring a rich economic harvest to your economic seed sowing. When do you believe that you have something to gain? The moment you pray. You must believe that God hears your prayers and gives you a petition at the moment you pray. If you believe that you received your financial gains at the moment of prayer, then you must behave as if you owned it. Your behavior is called work. Your work frees your faith.

The Bible says in James 2:17 that faith without action is dead. What is useful? Let me explain to you something useful. Let us say a very wealthy person you know, and believe that you will give you a $30 million check. What would you do? Jump, shout, celebrate. Correct? Those actions [works] show that you believe you have $30 million. When your bank sends a bank statement stating that there are $30 million in your account, you will start jumping, yelling and celebrating again. No, the moment you rich friends gave you the time you celebrated. The same is true when you pray and seek something from God. When you finish the moment you ask God for what you long for, you celebrate. Your words, celebrations, joys, and your economic seeds are your works, showing that you believe that you received the harvest at the moment of prayer. So you release your faith through your actions [indicating that you believe that you have harvested your harvest]. Your work gives you the life of faith. Your work frees your faith. Your work has completed your faith.

"So I tell you, when you pray, what do you want, from

I believe you received them. from

 [The moment you pray] you should have them" [Mark 11:24].

Step 3. Name your seed – from

 Name your seed to give it a task. What are your expectations for the harvest? Treatment, finance, peace, spouse? No matter what you want, name your seed. And make sure your seed name matches your prayers. If you are praying for a financial breakthrough, please name your seed "Financial Breakthrough."

Step 4. Spread your seeds – from

 Ask the Father in the name of Jesus, where to plant money. The Holy Spirit will lead you to sow your seeds in good soil [church or serve the will of God – to win souls, to teach healing, to sow and harvest, etc.]. A bad soil is where God's will is not observed. Your seed [work] proves that you believe in God's promise [John 16:23] to give you a prayer request for a rich economic harvest.

Step 5. Seeding as a act of love, worship and obedience – from

 Sowing your seed as a act of love, worship, and obedience to God. When you plant, you obey God's command, and beyond your richness, you can bless others as the Holy Spirit has instructed.

"You will give it to you, you will give it to you; good scales, crush it down, shake it, run over, people will put your arms in your arms. Because you use the same method, you have to Sentence to you" [Luke 6:38].

Step 6. I believe that you are now harvesting – from

 Free your faith by thanking, praising and worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ every day, because God has seen the seeds you planted and has given you the reward. This is the belief when you behave like your gains and even before you see it with the naked eye. Imagine your harvest. Use the imagination given by God to see your own gains. Seeing that you are wearing the best, driving the best, flying the best, always have a wealth of financial conditions. Think of yourself as the attraction of blessings and money.

Why is it important to believe that you have it [your gain] before you see it? Because if you don't believe that you harvest your gains at the moment you pray and plant seeds, then you have no confidence. The faith says, "I own it now." Suspicion said, "I won't believe that I have something to gain before I see it." Secret: One key to accelerating [accelerating] harvest performance is to see it every day with your naked eye. It has been obtained before [harvest].

Step 7. Say God's promise to your seed – from

 When you express your faith every day through gratitude, praise, and worship of your gains, tell God's commitment to seeding your seed. For example, if you name your seed “Economic Breakthrough,” you will say to your seed in Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 35:27, Luke 6:38, and Philippians 4:19. Economically prosperous scriptures.

Step 8. Save the seed record – from

 In this way, you can concentrate on planting seeds by thanking, praising and worshipping Jesus and proclaiming God's commitment to seed sowing, because you release confidence in the harvest.

Step 9. Become a conduit for God's finances – from

 You are very lucky to be a blessing. Yes, because you want to be the representative of God, as the messenger of Christ, you have to dress best, drive the best, fly the best, and live the best, but you can broadcast your economy anytime, anywhere. seed. His agenda is to be our agenda. His agenda is to save the soul, pass on, train, serve in the local church, bear fruit, and walk in His glory, virtue, and perfect will.

Very, very, very important! from

There are two things…

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