Divorced? 5 tips on posting news to your child

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Even if this is the best choice for your spouse and you, divorce is no easy task. If you or your partner wants to stay in touch after the paperwork is completed, divorce after childbirth is a game-changing behavior. Even if you plan to split is civilized, when children do not return to their mother and father's home after school, they will also harm the child. The important thing is that before they blame themselves or take action, you have to sit down and explain to them what happened. When you talk about divorcing a child, you need to have a certain degree of honesty. If you lie to them, they will feel it, so it is best to be honest and involve them in everything that affects them. Here are 5 tips for breaking the divorce news to your child.

Make sure you break the news together

This is not just because anyone who breaks the news will look like a bad person, but because your child needs to see that both of you are still their parents, even if you are no longer together. In this case, blaming each other or telling a biased or one-sided story does not help anyone. It is important to include the word "we" in your conversation so that parents will not present it to the child, just as the parent leaves the family.

Know what you want to say

Before you sit in front of them talk about what you want to say to your child. Impromptu conversations with your child for a long time are good for them. Make sure that you tell your children that you love them, and that splitting is not related to them as decisions they make as adults. Children often blame themselves, so although you don't need to give real reasoning behind divorce, make sure they understand that this is the result of your own problems and not their own problems.

Warn their teacher

Depending on your child's reaction to the news, you may want to tell other adults who are close to them. Teachers, coaches, babysitters or other authorities will be the people they seek help during this time. It can be confusing for children, especially when they are young. They may also start to act. If this happens, the surrounding adults must understand what they are experiencing and help them, not punish them.

Let them ask questions

Once again, they will be confused, so you and you will soon need to solve their problems with your own answers. The first thing they have to ask is "why." You may want to tell them that you can no longer see your eyes and eyes, even though both of you will always be their mother and father, but you don't want to be a husband and wife anymore. Ready to answer questions such as where we are going to live, will I have a new mom/dad, can I see you every day? and many more.


Divorce is not only a difficult time for children, but for you and your partner, this can also be an emotional roller coaster. Talking to others can make you feel so painful, so you can expect to tell your child that this may also upset you. It is very important that you wait until the decision is final and you are mentally/emotionally stable to inform your child. When breaking the news, you need to help them. If they see their parents being torn apart by the upcoming things, they won't know how to deal with them. Seeing your parents upset is one of the worst feelings for a child who may be overwhelming.

Divorce affects more people, not just you and your partner. Unfortunately, for your child, they will endure the impact of emotional distress, so try to minimize it as much as you can.

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