DIY Papyrus Wedding Stationery for Egyptian Themed Wedding

Are you a weird person? Do you think the wedding is a golden brown Egyptian theme with costumes and props? This is the creative way to create papyrus. Wedding stationery, available for your invitations, envelopes, wedding cards and bridal invitations, will match your Egyptian style wedding. It is definitely unconventional, but creative and can appeal to your guests to participate in the theme of your choice.

materials needed:

Gauze roll

General / Crafts Glue



Stock paper

Small brush


  1. Cut a gauze strip that is slightly longer than the length of the paper. Plain paper will do, but if you want to use them as envelopes and wedding cards, it's best to use heavier cards. Place the vertically cut gauze strip on top of the paper. Add more layers of gauze until the desired thickness is reached.
  2. Make a coffee mixture: mix 1 part water, 1 part glue, then add coffee. The amount of coffee to use depends on the brightness or darkness you want the finished product to look like. Make sure you don't use three-in-one coffee because the ants will run around when they are dry.
  3. Make sure you have placed the item on a table with a plastic cover or on an easy-to-clean surface as this can be a bit confusing. Apply the coffee mixture to paper and gauze with a brush. Leave it for a few minutes and the gauze will stick to the glue.
  4. Carefully lift the amalgam and allow it to dry in the sun. It usually takes a full day to dry completely. When it is dry, you can choose to further flatten the paper by placing the paper between heavy-duty encyclopedias. Cut uneven edges to make them tidy. Hey, you have finished the papyrus wedding and added a coffee scent.

The idea of ​​your papyrus wedding:

  1. You can use this method to cover envelopes in wedding envelopes.
  2. You can use oily paints and colors to copy these from Egyptian papyrus art or hieroglyphics.
  3. You can't write or print on these handmade papers, but use them as a basis and paste the printed invitations on the surface and add page inserts to complete the color.
  4. You can add glitter and gold craft materials to enhance the professional look of your stationery.

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