Do you have a "master" bedroom? you should not! Tips for transforming the bedroom

The term “master” is an outdated term that refers to control, dominance and inequality. In today's partners and/or single-parent families, the label “master suite” is outdated. In this case, the master bedroom is more suitable to be called the "master bedroom" in today's society.

Away from the family room and the busy kitchen, the bedroom is where you start and end the day. Surprisingly, however, the refurbished master bedroom is often placed near the bottom of most people's home improvement lists. But if you want to immediately improve your emotional state, then few projects can be more effective in shaping your master bedroom.

Reshape your master bedroom to get happiness

The master bedroom has soft textures, serene artwork and soft patterns to create a warm home atmosphere. Passion colors such as red, purple, royal blue, rose or gold gilded add a sense of drama and indulgence. Start with the purpose of the bedroom and plan your master bedroom design with private time. Do you want a passionate boudoir, reading room or private sanctuary?


As we all know, French women have created the sexiest bedroom in the world. Like many French women, today's housewives often plan sex and decorate accordingly to create an evocative and enticing bedroom. Here are some suggestions for creating Passion Boudoir:

Fascinating colors help personal beauty and appeal. Choose attractive colors such as red rouge, lipstick red, cream peach and subtle pink. Make sure the color enhances your natural beauty. Be bold and use bold colors on the walls.

Sweet fabrics will prepare for sensuality. Use silk, velvet and chenille textures combined with nubby textures. Use a structure that reminds you of your favorite shared memory. Exotic patterns, such as animal prints or tropical flower patterns, are reminiscent of distant journeys.

Place the mirror in an unusual place, such as the top of a dressing table or side table, reflecting the candlelight. Tropical plants and trees, special lights, also cast exciting shadows.

The intimate bistro table has two chairs for private conversation. The dressing table is equipped with feminine accessories and intimate items, adding a sense of mystery and romance to the room.

Just the presence of the bed tray indicates the ultimate pleasure: breakfast in bed, soft lighting, candles, essential oils in the diffuser, and a gentle oscillating fan, effectively completing the décor of Passion Boudoir.

Reading room

If you are one of the many people who like to read in the bedroom, you might consider designing your master bedroom and considering casual and reading books. As ophthalmologists warn that reading is not good when a person's eyes are lying down [because we tend to put the book too close], you can start the correct reading position by installing a padded headboard.

Another consideration is lighting. Ophthalmologists say readers need at least two reading lights of at least 175-200 watts, but this type of lighting looks quite harsh in the bedroom environment. In fact, as my friend Madi, a loyal bedroom reader said: “My reading time is my most important time, in terms of intelligence, spirit and emotion. This is the most intimate time I give myself; it is with What other people call meditation. Just in a warm and comfortable space, a good book is the greatest thing in the world for me. Any bright light will change the atmosphere of that quiet time."

Of course, Madi is not the only one to cherish her reading time, or to confront the harsh lights in the bedroom. So instead of using a separate light, consider balancing the overall lighting solution by adding other less abrupt lighting to the room.

Good colors in the reading room include Old World Ivory, Antique Amber, Sage Green and Slate Blue. These soft colors reflect light, no glare, and support a sense of peace.

Squishy pillows, luxurious Afghans or throws, distant views of landscapes and private reflection mirrors add a sense of indulgence. A lounge chair with floor lamps and a nearby coffee table adds a new touch to the perfect reading room.

Private protected area

Maybe you would rather turn your master bedroom into a personal lounge where you can escape and relax on a busy day. Feel free to enjoy photos of friends, family and places you love, as well as your favorite artwork and meaningful souvenirs. Insufficiently furnished private protected areas can also provide space for thinking and daydreaming.

Good colours in private protected areas include dark forest green, dark chocolate, Mochas, navy or cobalt blue and eggplant. Darker colors create a uterus-like feel that helps deep sleep.

The desk is equipped with a comfortable chair for diary and writing. The small fridge makes you feel like you can enjoy your time in the bedroom without interruption, and the TV offers the opportunity to watch your favorite movies and shows. Darkened curtains in the room can also promote deep sleep and help restore the soul.

Bedroom living room furniture

The bedrooms can really become living rooms when they are luxuriously furnished – such as private suites. Adding furniture that is usually considered a living room automatically increases the importance of the bedroom. A sofa, rocking chair or matching upholstered chair helps create an oasis feel.

The bedroom is the most intimate of all the rooms in our house. In fact, as a real estate agent, I have been in a family travel house, and the master bedroom is a restricted area. This may seem strange, but it only adds to the mystery of the family. I also live in a delightful home, and the living room itself has become a fabulous master bedroom!

Only you can decide the best bedroom setting according to your preferences and lifestyle, but if you want to make better changes in your life, there is no better way to transform your master bedroom!

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