Does the tile roof need repair?

“Once you install a tile roof, all your roof problems will end up!” But this is not the case. Tile roofing is one of the best options, but it can cause problems and leaks.

What you need to know about Tile Roofing:

The main idea of ​​installing tile roofs is to build a strong long-term leak-free roofing system. Tile roofs are the best because they shed most of the water, especially during the rain. But sometimes there is a little water flowing into the felt layer under the tiles. ' felt ' is made of asphalt-based materials. As time goes by, feelings ' tend to get worse. As the aging progresses, the material becomes brittle. As time goes by, it will inevitably produce cracks. That is when the water seen from the tile roof finds its way and leaks.

Leakage can occur when the penetrating tube is damaged or sometimes the area near the chimney or skylight opening is damaged.

And sometimes the tiles will break!

So to answer this question, "Do you need to repair the tile roof?" is a big problem!

Possible repair situation

Repairing the roof leaking when it rains

In the unlikely event that your tile roof starts to leak when it rains heavily, you can ask your contractor to find a tarpaulin location on your roof. This solution has been around for a while. Once the rain stops, you can complete the inspection. The only condition for installing an emergency tarpaulin is that there are no algae and moss deposits on your roof.

Repair vent

Relatively newer roofs usually do not have this problem. You may notice a sudden leak. However, it is recommended to wait until the rain stops because the water may come from the vents due to wind and rain. In this case, using a tarpaulin can solve the problem. You can call the contractor for general maintenance visits. They inspect the pipes and remove loose debris. Replacing broken tiles or repositioning existing tiles can also solve the problem.

Felt damage

The backing layer made of felt may be "felt". Damaged; especially when the roof system is more than 10 to 15 years old. In this case, the expert examines the entire bottom of the lower surface up to see the flow of water. Our idea is to fix the damage at the source.

Broken or sliding tiles

If you find broken or slipped tiles, you can get your contractor to get a good patch. If you don't want to re-complete the whole part, then go and piece together; the contractor replaces the old tiles with new tiles, you are very happy!

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