Dolour- Dog Tired- virus

Dolour- Dog Tired- virus
Hordes Of Belial - The Burning H8. The eight edition of Dundee's annual, two-stage showcase of underground metal and hard rock. Almost enough said there, really. However, we're going to be providing you with a lot more information as we get closer to the date, so keep checking in. This year's headliners were decided by fate, persistence, and a damn good dose of thrash! Originally formed in the 1980s, this incarnation of Virus is awash with fresh blood, lead by inimitable front man, Coke Finlay. Undoubtedly one of the lords of Scottish metal, Dog Tired is definitely not a band to be taken lightly. Second stage duties for their first headline slot at Hordes? Don't mind if we do! Greenock based Damaj are rapidly on the rise, and describe their sound as "mostly guitar driven, built around technical riffs, speed, and lots of harmony to boot". Belfast blasters Overoth certainly live up to the name of their track 'Death Personified'. One of the heaviest things to ever come over the Irish Sea. Also from Northern Ireland, Rabid Bitch Of The North stand Collossus-like over the relics of the original New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. You might not have heard Catalysis yet, but if you're familiar with the Dundee scene, you'll likely have seen members perform in Excellent Cadaver, Athenia, Aletha, and Millsyeck Foot-pumping, head-banging, whisky-slugging, bad-ass rock and roll, setting you up for the day, courtesy of Fair City party posse, Multistorey Lover Hordes Of Belial - The Burning H8 is sponsored by: Slaughterpit 2017 is sponsored by: Zero Tolerance Magazine Heavy Scotland Myrockout Promotions Black Metal Brewery Inkredible Kreations Distorted Ages 14+ ID required for sale of alcohol Start and finish times to be confirmed.

at Hustlers Snooker & Pool Hall
66-70 North Lindsay Street
Dundee, United Kingdom



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