Domestic violence: Nigerian Ibo man has been beating his wife

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In the kitchen, she had already picked up some fried rice to feed their five children. The husband became a monster and hit her head with a punch.

' Please don't hit me, ' beg the wife, "What have I done to you, you hit me so hard, so many times?'

While she asked for explanation and begging for mercy, the monster once again hit the woman on her left eye and nose. He aimed at her teeth and hit her on the top of her lips.

Red blood ran down the woman's nose and mouth and splashed onto the concrete floor at the edge of the kitchen cabinet. The two teeth behind her upper lip are lost.

In addition to covering her face with her elbows and arms, she is indifferent to the cruelty of the monster.

The back of her right hand began to wipe the blood flowing down the nose. This exposed her cheeks and monsters, ' the woman later said, patted me at the speed of the devil, seven times on the right cheek, three times on the left. '

The last blow had such power in it, it made her lose balance and she fell. She quickly stood up from the floor and leaned against the closed kitchen door. For her child, she persisted until the end, and suddenly she collapsed and began to scream. Her crying caught the attention of the children.

' Quickly lock the door, ' Three-year-old child said, the youngest child.

' What is the problem? ' Seven-year-old child asked.

' Dad hit and beat the mother again, ' answered the oldest of the five.

Silence falls on the child, an indicator of the mother who knows the commotion. ' Oh! My children! Oh, my five hungry children, she cried.

On the top of the kerosene stove, placed on a low kitchen cabinet, is a thin razor chopper. The woman wants to grab it and pass it through the throat of the monster, but she can't do it herself.

Feeling his weakness, if his wife took the courage to grab the knife, the monster decided to finish her. He kicked her foot through the abdomen and chest, forcing her to fold up and kneel at the kitchen door.

The lady was defeated without spirit and physical strength. The monster staggered out of the kitchen, his voice throttling as he walked away. "Tell anyone, tell your family, tell you Mother, tell your friends or your sisters, I not only have to ride them, but also to beat you and drive you out of my house. '

Despite the warning from the monster, this time the woman bravely reported repeated abuses. She is fed up. Once the abuse is made public, the demon will continue to escape; the pursuit is not because there is no authority, but because of his inner devil.

In the past, the police called an Igbo man’s handcuff. He brutally knocked down his wife with a left fist and left only for their chuckle. He said, “This is not a police problem.” #39;

A parish priest was asked to blame and sentence an Igbo man. His wife had two black eyes and only he could tell her. "You know, when you get married, you marry, including death." ;

You mistakenly think that the court is different from the police and the pastor. In all cases, the judge would laugh out loud, stroke his beard and announce, “This is a family problem, my young friend; return home and reconcile with your husband. '

Abusive women’s families, their purchase is the last resort, often failing to raise their hands, and asking women to go back and make better food for their monsters.

This current culture is looking for another way, allowing the wife to be beaten between Dr. Ig in Nigeria. However, in the days when the Igbo man had the guts, my uncle, Karl, had to send my cousin CKG to destroy an in-law who asserted my niece.

If an Ibo man defeats his wife in any civilized country, he will go to jail, where he is beaten by a real man; then why is a fat, despicable villain in Nigeria not be beaten by his wife? In prison, at least he will learn the true meaning of life?

One can always assume why a man, an Igbo man, can strike any woman twenty-two times on his face, lips and nose, even when he draws the first drop of blood, he can't even stop to think about his behavior. Two teeth fell from her mouth.

Some people say that the setback is the real reason why Nigeria’s Iggs beat his wife every day: the frustration caused by poverty, the frustration caused by personal failure, the frustration of expectations, the depression of abdominal distension, bad breath, evil teeth and impotence.

Others believe that if the young Ibo man receives more education, then Ibo’s wife’s beating will not exist. They said that the wife's thugs were semi-educated.

Therefore, life is not a rose, never bother them. So it's no surprise that whenever they step on their crazy marriage life. If they have been educated, they can understand that Ibo women have strong opinions, and trying to suppress them is like trying to suppress a growing pregnancy.

For the sake of clarity, I would like to point out that not all Ibo men will attack their wives. There are Ibo people, poor and wealthy, educated and uneducated people who have an impeccable character. They will never take their wives, nor will they tolerate any dear daughters who hurt them, their beautiful sisters and their terrible mothers.

But, you know, as Ipo said, "When you grease a finger, the rest of your fingers will get dirty."


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