Don’t Miss Out on Great Software for Your GPS Unit

When users post reviews on the different GPS products from the major brands, they seem to focus only on the the device itself; the appearance, how well it performs, and the user interface. What GPS product reviews usually ignore, though, is the GPS Software that is needed in order for the GPS unit to interact with the Windows or Mac systems properly. A certain kind of software is necessary for tasks like synchronizing and accessing the most recent maps and POI’s to a GPS device. As with any other software, GPS software that is too complex should be avoided. Appreciating the peculiarities of GPS software may not be the point that moves you to purchase one specific brand, but appreciating the capabilities of the supporting software is required after you already decide on one GPS device. The kinds of GPS software will often be practically identical for various models within a particular brand. A nice model to look into is the Garmin Nuvi 465t Truck GPS Navigator.

Garmin Nuvi Software

Garmin Nuvi manufactures a comprehensive collection of specific GPS software which consumers may purchase from their main website. Software updates can be downloaded directly or through another type of software called WebUpdater. In order to make WebUpdater work, users simply need to hook the GPS to your desktop and follow the software instructions. You may additionally find a number of mapping programs that support either Microsoft or Mac systems. There is actually a particular section exclusively for Mac users allowing them to tap the full potential of their Garmin Nuvi GPS devices.


The TomTom HOME is designed to search your device for existing software and install upgrades whenever required. On top of its basic features like transferring maps, TomTom HOME also enables customers to download files which are installed in the TomTom, then customize and put them back in the unit to create unique themes, giving the GPS a more personal appearance. In addition, TomTom even managed to produce software for mobile phones, most of which has been discontinued. Fortunately TomTom still makes an application that supports an iPhone 3G.

Magellan Software

Magellan may have the permanent image of offering affordable goods, but you can now find a lot of software intended to be downloaded without payment, including two different versions; VantagePoint and MapGuard. VantagePoint is a comprehensive application made to transfer all the GPS bells and whistles to a home computer. Every one of the maps, trails, directions, and waypoints are given and all maps can be perused by applying both the 2D and 3D effects.

MapGuard is Magellan’s alternate program and contains MapSend Manager as well as Mapsend Lite. The MapSend Lite is a highly advanced application that can view any map on a PC, helping you to add waypoints and design routes. This software also support Geocaching, and you can even convert information into many different formats. A great unit to consider is the Garmin Nuvi 465t Truck GPS Navigator.

Judging Each Application

Please remember that, GPS software ought not be the only basis in picking your new GPS device. This technology is only marketed to support each manufacturer’s GPS systems and tap into that product’s maximum usability. Out of the ones listed, TomTom HOME easily beats out the competition thanks to a user’s option to personalize the user interface. Certain kinds of software may even be “test driven” even if you don’t have a compatible GPS device.

Joseph Aaron is involved with an online project that helps his readers make educated purchase decisions on GPS Navigation Systems. Amongst the highest rated GPS units recommended on his website is the Garmin Nuvi 465t Truck GPS Navigator.

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