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Playvue.com Editor Rating: 8.0

story plot

Diner Dash brings us the story of Flo, an office fool who is tired of the monotony, constant pressure of everyday life and work in big cities. She cut off everything outside the window and ran to find something better with her life. It turns out that this is a chain restaurant in the American suburbs.

As Flo herself, we are accepting her pursuit as a restaurant owner; a dynamic, passionate master who fulfills every role from the hostess to the waiter, bartender and boy [fortunately, cooking is overworked behind the counter] Provided by the dark characters].

From her first dinner to the end of the upscale surf and turf joints, we accept every event at Flo; provide seats for her guests, distribute menus, provide breadsticks, receive and deliver orders [not to mention cocktails] ], clean the table and arrange seats for the next guest. All of this is in the pursuit of money to improve her existing restaurant and even open up new restaurants!


Navigation is easy to receive on the first try; it points and clicks [clicks on a dirty table, she runs over and cleans it, clicks on the table to wait for their food, she delivers it from the counter]. This does become very challenging at later levels, and when Flo performs the current activity, it is necessary to click on other activities [the game creates an activity queue, and Flo will execute one by one until they complete].

Easy to use

In terms of ease of use, this game is great. I wasn't surprised when I was able to pick it up faster, but I was amazed when my grandmother flew faster and then I managed to get courage. Although it's easy to get started, it really needs to master the touch to reach the highest score at the end of the level of constant movement. But this only increases playability and is a welcome change in contemporary games that are easy to accomplish without any additional challenges.


I found that I wanted to finish this game the first time I played this game; it would make me worried if this game could keep my interest in a week or even a month. However, the endless transition feature has alleviated these concerns: an endless level of score "keep" changing. "There are additional amenities such as Super Oven, Bobcat Quick Tennis Shoes and Super Podium 3000 to help you along the way.

Full version feature

The free trial includes unlimited access and allows you to play for 60 minutes; this makes me start. The full version includes more than 40 levels of games, 4 different chains, 5 different types of customers, two game modes [professional and endless transitions] and high score tracking. Only 10MB, it's not a hard drive, it won't block your dial-up line for too long. And at $19.99 it's not a wallet destroyer: cheap enough to guarantee a casual game of the year.

Advantages Disadvantages


  • Calling on us other people [non-hardcore teen players]
  • High repeatability
  • Easy to use, navigation


  • No multiplayer support
  • Small high score competition [scores posted on the publisher's website]

Bottom line

A busy restaurant owner offers a great change for cards and puzzle games, and we are not interested in aliens, goblins or terrorists within 12 hours. Even after defeating the professional part of the game, it has an absolutely high repeatability. Low prices and download size are a real advantage. Lack of competition and multiple player support, but it only makes sense if you are interested in these things. I am one of the first 10 games of this year.

Editor's comment:

Storyline: 8
Ease of use: 9
Playability: 7

overall: 8

Game specifications:

  • Publisher: PlayFirst
  • Full version price: $19.99
  • Download: 10 MB
  • Windows 98/2000 / Me / XP
  • Processor: PIII 600 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Free hard disk space: 12MB
  • Graphics card
  • Sound card

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 license.

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