Draw a wooden theater like an expert and don't do it

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Is there any better way to instantly change your child's wooden play house instead of the new paint job? When you're ready to paint for the kids' house, you want it to look great in the next few years, what you definitely need to do and what else you want to avoid.

Here's how to skillfully paint for your wooden theater and it will last for many years in the future of Do&#39 and D<t? t?

  1. Prepare your theater painting in advance. Use a putty knife or sander to gently scrape off any loose, dry or peeling old paint while being careful not to damage the underlying wood and prepare your play house.
  2. Seal any cracks around the window or door. If there are two cracks that are joined together by a wooden surface, use a caulk to seal the crack. This will keep the water outside the game house.
  3. Apply a high quality primer to the surface of all wooden playhouses. The use of a primer helps to increase the adhesion of the paint to the wood surface and to increase the water resistance of the exposed wood surface.
  4. Please use an external grade coating. The external grade coating formulation can withstand a. Weathering Wooden theater Will experience in their lifetime. Indoor paint is not resistant to rain or snow. If an internal grade coating is used on a surface that is exposed to the outdoors, the coating will begin to peel off and loosen within a few months after painting.
  5. Paint with the same type of paint previously used. If you end up using water-based paint [latex], then this time use water-based paint to spray the theater. Use oily paint to paint the previous oily painted surface. If in doubt, use water-based paint because it is easier to apply, quick-drying, helps prevent moisture problems, and makes cleaning easier.
  6. Paint from top to bottom. Start with the seesaw and gable. Then move to the sides of the theater to paint, then the windows and trim. The theater door is the last thing to draw.
  7. Plan your paintings around the sun and the weather. Try to work where there is no sun. In the morning, draw the west, the south side, and draw the east and north sides in the afternoon.
  8. Do not fill or apply insufficient joint filler. After drying, the wet quilting will rupture and peel off with the primer or paint just applied.
  9. Do not paint on old paint that has been painted or peeled off. Painting with water or washed paint with new paint will ensure that the new paint will cut off faster in the near future.
  10. Don't wait to draw new wood. New wood should be applied as soon as possible to prevent surface deterioration.

Good exterior painting work will extend the life of your wooden theatre. With these tips, you can paint like a professional. Your child will be very happy that their newly painted theater will last for many years to come.

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