Ealing Raspberry Jam

Ealing Raspberry Jam
Hiya, do you like programming and coding? wanna learn about technology? do you have a Raspberry Pi, BBC Microbit or something elses and don't know what to do with it? Then, welcome to the very first Ealing Raspberry Jam, an initiative run by Cowork Hub & Digilab. Bring your computers, consoles, flaming swords, magic potions and great ideas….we’ll handle the pizza. Hack It!  Make It!  Learn It!  Play It!  Do It!  Cowork Hub is the space where you  can do all these and more while meeting cool people and having cool conversations.  About Digilab A digital hub for hardware enthusiasts, coders, makers and game developers, Digilab is a place of attraction to try new technology, oferring services to the community through a membership package, including coding classes, robotics and 3D printing workshops, PC building, video capture and editing, blogging, social media content creation, gaming tournaments and sessions, virtual reality gaming and computer gesture control.

at Co Work Hub
Victoria Road London , North Acton
London, United Kingdom

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