Earn Money Online – Blogger Vs. Word Press

When you’re a beginning blogger, you might be confused about which blogging platform to use. There are so many of them out on the market, you might become overwhelmed and confused. Never fear, this article will discuss two of the popular blogging platforms and the benefits of each.

Blogger is owned by Google and is a popular blog platform to use for beginners. The controls of blogger are easy and signing up for a membership is free of charge (sign up for a G-Mail account). You can set up your blog and have a post up within 15 minutes. Also, there are plug-ins called “Gadgets” to enhance your blog. Some of the gadgets are: YouTube Video Viewer, Java Plug-In, World News and Weather updates.

The bad part of Blogger is once you become an advanced user, you will notice that there are not many customizable options and you will be limited to simple templates. Also, since your blog is hosted on their website, you will never “own” your blog and it can be deleted on a whim (if you abuse Blogger terms of service).

Word Press (WP) is used by many professional bloggers and is more for advanced users. You might need to know a little html or css to use WP. There are many more templates and plug-ins (“Widgets”) that can be added to your blog with a drag and drop feature. Word Press widgets are customizable and you can either auto-install the plug-in or manually install them. The majority of people who us WP buy their own domain name and host their own website. The reason is that most professional bloggers believe their sites are valuable “real-estate” and can be sold later on. Also, there is more leeway in terms of what you want to do with your blog if you use your own hosting and Word Press.

To conclude, it is recommended that a beginning blogger should try the free blog Blogger platform first. If they like blogging and think they will stick with it, then they can purchase their own hosting and domain name and use Word Press.

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