Earn More From Your Blog

A blog is sometimes said to be simply a way to reflect your inner self online where the public can see and read. Blogs are written on any topic from a rant on high gas prices to what you think about the new president. The interesting thing is that frequently, blogs written for enjoyment can actually become money-making endeavors for you. The money you make from your blog depends on the time and energy you put into it as well as the popularity of the topic and the real personality that you infuse into the written word.

The blog originates back to the beginnings of the internet. Blogging started out as a diary or journal that captured the daily lives of people. The word blog actually came from the word weblog. Weblog was the term developed by Jorn Barger and later shorten to blog by Peter Merholz. During the 1999s, the popularity of the blog exploded with blog hosting sites such as "Open Diary" and "LiveJournal".

Still for all this, the term "blog" remained relatively unknown to the mainstream public until bloggers ousted the 2002 Senate Majority Leader. Trent Lott. Senator Lott made some statements that were largely ignored by the general media who covered the event. Bloggers started writing about these hot comments. As more of the public became aware, Senator Lott became the center of a controversy. Finally, public pressure was too much and Senator Lott resigned from being the Senate Majority Leader.

A famous news anchor, Dan Rather was also fired after bloggers proved that documents used during the reporting were in fact forged. Yeah, in case you didn't know, that's what happened to dear Dan. This brought blogging into a whole new light and forced the media to deal with this new reckoning force. Now, blogging is well within the reach of any individual even many of those who possess only a cell phone.

Some bloggers have a hard time keeping fresh content in their blogs or other activities come up that steal away their time. When this happens, they often put their blogs along with the domain name up for sale. This is where you can make money without actually having to write a blog. You can buy these lower priced blogs, fix them up a little just like you would for a renovation on an inexpensive house and then resell them for a profit.

Other bloggers are attempting to grab a piece of the millions of available advertising dollars by putting ads on their blog. Visitors leaving those blogs often click on the ads and for each click, the owner gets some small revenue. Google Adsense, and Adbright are just two of the many online entities that allow you to customize ads for your blog.

The great thing about ads is that you don't need to constantly monitor your blog to get them. Visitors click whenever they want. Once the ads are in place, the residual income is yours to enjoy. There is no need to rotate them because the ad-services do this chore for you.

Selling products from your blog is a good way to make the traffic on your blog work for you. Your blog can help you promote items that you wish to sell. A percentage of each item sold goes to you. Note that this is percentage of the sale which is different from google ads where you get a percentage of the Click earnings. When starting out, you might want to pick products that you use and are familiar with. It is easier to connect with the customer when you know what you are talking about.

Clickbank is the king of info products and can pay commissions as high as 75%. But Commission Junction, and LinkShare are also great sites that engage in drop shipping and lead generation for commission. Literally, thousands of products are available for you to market. Putting a related product image with an affiliate tag from CJ into a related article on your blog can only help not hurt your chances.

Just remember, too many ads are a turn-off to potential customers. Messy looking blogs with too much advertising turns away customers and everyone runs from over-commercialization. So keep your blogs looking like they are offering more information than advertising and you should be doing just great.

Getting traffic to your blog is the most time-consuming part of the process. Recruit friends and family to display your blog link on their sites. Use your blog link as part of your signature in forums and your email. Don't forget the power of those social networking sites.

MSN and Yahoo are two search engines that appear to put emphasis on indexing blogs which are up to date. Reach 100-200 search engines just by submitting your blog posts to a number of ping services. An automatic ping/alert goes out when you update your blog so insure that your blog settings include a number of ping services and not just the standard default rpc.pingomatic.com. This will tremendously ensure that many search engines are immediately made aware that you have a new entry in your blog. Thus you can increase your traffic, with a simple update.

Making money from your blog is within your reach. You have a choice now, you can play around with some of the ideas mentioned here for the next year or two, in an attempt to figure out what works and what does not, or... you can visit a site where the authors have reviewed the top 5 products that have proven to create 6 and 7 figure incomes from blogs. Does that not sound quite remarkable? A 7 figure income from a blog? Well several groups have not only done it, but have documented how it was done. Click here and come over to the review site to see how their methodologies stack up against each other. Getting revenue into your pocket might be as simple as following one of the gurus who has done it before.

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