Easily install cabinet cooling fans in any DIY Professional Edition

Handling things like routers, cable boxes, game consoles, and Blu-ray players in a single cabinet creates a hot box and generates a lot of dust. Therefore, most people realize that minimal air circulation will allow the equipment to be completed in less time.

Many people try to remove the door, but for anyone who cares about their lives, the media or the bedroom looks the best, the best way is to use a cabinet cooling fan kit to install the fan.

If you are a DIY expert, you can follow the step-by-step guide to professionally install temperature control, a quiet fan that keeps any electronics cabinet cool and helps the components last a long time and function properly.

Required material

· Cabinet cooling fan kit. Most experts recommend using a single or dual thermal fan. Consider the side of the cabinet where the fan will be installed.

·Leveling tool

·Drill bit and appropriate drill bit

·Mask tape

· Puzzle

· Screwdriver

· Measuring tools

Step 1: Find the location of the fan and mark its location

The placement of the fans will vary depending on the needs of the owner. It is wise to consider that if most of the equipment is installed on the first shelf of the cabinet, it makes sense to place the fan in a position parallel to the shelf.

Once the fan position is set, simply mark the intermediate point with a writing instrument. Then remove the masking tape and outline the fan that comes with the cabinet cooling fan kit. Next, place the fan unit at the midpoint of the marker and over the tape. Use the leveling tool to level the fan and track the fan profile on the top of the tape.

The reason for using tape is to prevent damage to the cabinet. Although it is not a necessary step, it is a clever step.

Step 2: Cut the hole

At this point, DIY experts can get their drills. An inch inch drill is recommended. Set two holes in the diagonal corners so that the fan can see it more easily. Use a saw to carefully see the tracking line and use the drill hole as an ideal place to start. Remove the cut square to make sure the kit's cabinet cooling fan is suitable.

Step 3: Put the fans together and install!

Although this process varies depending on the cabinet cooling fan kit purchased, it is very common. Still, many people want to check out the manuals that come with their kits. Usually, first hang the fan on the grill and make sure the right side is facing out. Then connect the entire assembly to the mounting plate. At this point, the entire unit can be inserted into the hole.

Take the drill and the 1/16-inch twist drill. Use it to drill four holes in the corners of the mounting plate; keep it shallow. Complete this step to make it easier to place the screws in the cabinet. Finally, take a screwdriver and use it to insert the screw into the previous hole. This is all you need to install the fan into the cabinet!

Of course, the installation specialist is likely to have problems. In this case, it is wise to consult the product manual. It will also show how to power up the fans and be busy cooling those expensive devices!

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