Eight qualities that a reliable roof company must have

Although in general, a good roof can maintain its appearance and efficiency within 10 years, it does fade out later. In some cases, you will see bubbles at the top, warp and cracks. If you don't mind, cracks and breaks will cause leaks, which may cost more to repair. Of course, the degree of repair required depends on the type of damage. If the damage is too severe to improve or refurbish, you will need to purchase a brand new roof.

Having said that, it is important to get help from a professional roofing worker in your area. But how do you know that they are best for you?

The following are the main qualities or factors to check.


If you want to guarantee a high level of professionalism, please ask your supplier for an RBC [Residential Building Contractor] license. This is the basic requirement for companies that directly deal with building construction services with homeowners.

Most home improvement companies already have this, but some focus on the roof and are declared a special skill area in the license. If you are going to make additional expansions in the future, consider using a full-service license vendor.

2. Insured

All concepts regarding insurance are the same – it is a guarantee of loss, damage or any bad or unplanned event in exchange for the premium you pay. If you pay for the contract in one lump sum, some suppliers offer promotional offers such as free insurance.

When talking about insurance, be sure to ask who the insurance company is and study the company's reputation and background. Usually, the contract is a package deal [meaning it comes with a policy], but if you have questions about it, ask how you can find your insurance company.

Also read the report and pay attention to the details. A common problem is that when you file a claim, the policy does not indicate that they will exactly match your original material. Or, if there is a hole somewhere, will they fix it? They are obliged to restore the property to its original state before it is damaged.

3. Expert workers

If you have a policy about KYC or know your customers, it is equally important to know your contractor! Although the companies they represent are licensed, they must also obtain a personal certification to work in the construction industry.

Most companies don't mind showing their employees the personal profile of their employees to showcase the experiences and projects they have experienced in the past.

If you have the opportunity to talk to the staff personally, then take the opportunity to let them personally tell them your preferences and tell you how they work.

4. Customer Rating

Recommended articles are also a reliable source of information as long as they are legal. Don't just read the testimonials on the company's website, as these are opportunities for advertising or paid advertising.

Look for blogs and forums that address renovations, repairs, and anything related to house assembly or renovation to find the perfect roof company.

5. BBB certification

BBB represents the Bureau of Business Improvement.

The certification committee ensures that the company meets standards and enables business owners to resolve customer complaints and after-sales requirements.

Companies pay for BBB to consistently monitor and call for non-compliance with policies and guidelines. The official approval of BBB is not mandatory, but it will come in handy if the finished product does not meet the requirements of the consumer. Whether there is a conflict after the standard or work is completed.

6. GAF certification

GAF stands for General Aniline & Film.

It is the largest manufacturer of construction products in North America. It used to focus on building roofing products for residential and commercial establishments, but now it is also involved in other home improvement industries.

Contractors with GAF certification guarantee that the regulations for your home are high quality, durable, and have passed compliance and quality testing.

7. Free estimate

Who doesn't want free gifts? We all do this, the offer is included! As a consumer, we need to understand the scope of work required to complete our requirements, as well as the costs associated with it.

The most important thing is to help us keep our costs within our budget. We can also use these quotes to compare contract prices and possibly negotiate or bargain with different companies.

In addition to the scope of work, the free estimate includes a bill of materials or bill of materials, as well as other incidental costs such as licenses, draft approvals, and so on.

8. Years of operation

Experience is the best teacher, if you want to get your money, then go to the contract with the supplier that provides the most contact with this process.

In addition to the different scenarios you may have encountered before, their knowledge and confidence in the subject will make you more assured that your roof will not be experimental or practiced.

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