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The use of electronic products today is part of our daily lives, and we hardly think of a world without electronic products. Everything from cooking to music uses electronic or electronic components in some way. Our family cars have many electronic components, as do our stoves, laptops and mobile phones. Children and teens carry their mobile phones everywhere and use them to shoot and send pictures, videos and play music. They send text messages to other mobile phones and home computers.

Wireless Internet is becoming more and more popular, laptops are set up in Internet cafes, where people can drink coffee while viewing emails. Because of the electronic accessories that can be added to the computer, computer users can perform all network searches with relative privacy. Instead, more and more transactions are sent electronically via television, so security is becoming more serious than ever. Merchants selling products online must be able to assure the customer that unauthorized personnel will not access the information submitted on the website.

Whether it's recording or playback mode, music is a major user of electronics. Stereo, record players, tape recorders, tape players, CD drives and DVD players are the result of advances in electronic technology over the past few decades. Today, people can easily play a playlist of hundreds of songs in a very small device – easy and portable. When you add Bluetooth or a headset, users can hear music without disturbing nearby people.

The electronic technology in the camera has increased dramatically. Most Americans can buy digital cameras at affordable prices. Mobile phones often include fairly complex digital cameras that capture still pictures and even video pictures and store them or transfer them to a computer that can be saved. Printed in hard format by family or friends or using a photo printer device. Pictures taken through the camera or through the scanner can be easily edited, cropped, enhanced or enlarged by the miracle of the electronic device.

Thousands of everyday devices we use often use electronic technology to operate. These products include automation engines and automation equipment in production environments. Even works of art benefit from computer modeling before providing valuable art media to create finished products.

Electronic devices are being used in the health sector to not only help diagnose and identify medical problems, but also to provide treatment and treatment research for diseases and even genetic abnormalities. Devices such as MRI, CAT and old-fashioned X-rays, diabetes, cholesterol and other blood component tests rely on electronic devices to get the job done quickly and accurately. Pacemakers and similar devices implanted in the body are now almost routine.

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