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EPDM roofs involve the use of durable rubber to add protection to your home or business. It is very rugged and can be used for repairs or the entire roof to provide extra protection for components. Redoing the roof can be very expensive. The cost of damage to support it or leaks in the home also increases rapidly.

Looks great

In addition to doing a good job of protecting the structure, the EPDM roof looks great too. Many consumers think it is only black. Although this is the most popular color you will see, there are many options. You can get the color you want to match your home. It is available in white and tan, and the lighter colors work well at hotter temperatures.

They can act as a reflector for heat, thus reducing cooling costs during the summer. The black EPDM roof is cheaper because it does not contain titanium dioxide. If you live in a hot climate, the extra cost can save on the cooling system.


You have a variety of options for EPDM roofing. First, you must decide for yourself whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional to do the job. You can save money on your own, but it does take some time and basic tools. You may be more willing to let others board the roof and take care of everything for you.

It can be installed by bonding the edges and placing a ballast on it. This is not a recommendation as pressure and shrinkage can cause damage to materials and roofs. It will not last as much as it should. Aluminum strips are a good choice when the rubber sheet is firmly held in place.

But the best option is to use the recommended type of glue and apply it to the backing of all materials. This helps provide a layer of protection and a very strong seal. Be sure not to cut corners and use any other type of adhesive that would otherwise affect the life of the material.

Put it in place

Don't wait for the roof emergency to take action. With EPDM roofs, you get an affordable option to prevent future problems. You may now have a small problem that can be handled quickly. You can also add a few years to the overall life of your roof with this simple and effective step.

You can purchase all the kits needed to complete the EPDM roof. It is easy to use and install. If you are only planning to perform on-site repairs now, you can also cut the parts to fit the various areas of the roof. If you wait too long to achieve this, you may end up spending a lot of time and money to solve the problem.

It can last for decades when it is placed correctly. It may take longer than you decide to continue to be the owner of the structure. A sound roof is often a key selling point because potential buyers don't want to invest in anything that requires these costs. You can apply it every few years for extra protection and routine maintenance.

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