Energy saving has a major impact on electricity bills

There are many advantages to keeping up with the times. Consider the CFL bulbs most people have used recently. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs grown up with everyone, CFL bulbs consume 75% less energy. Ordinary light bulbs produce 90% heat instead of light! Fluorescent tubes are also better than regular bulbs, reducing power consumption by 70%. Since lighting is common in every home, task lighting and spotlighting can result in significant cost savings. For the light on the desk, the entire room does not need to be filled with light. Lighting equipment should be dusted regularly. Dirty bulbs and tubes waste a lot of energy. Dark walls and shades also waste energy and invest in lighter walls and shadows. Timers and dimmers also work automatically, helping to save energy.

Cool the room on a hot summer day

Many people just use the most cost-effective fan to manage the summer heat. However, if you feel that air conditioning is absolutely necessary, please pay attention to some things that are not done, not to reduce energy consumption. Plants along the walls and windows of the building will greatly reduce energy consumption. The heat of the sun does not affect too much. Studies have shown that air conditioners at 25 degrees Celsius are most effective in terms of cost. Use the timer to turn off the air conditioner after 30 minutes. Keep the door closed to prevent heat from entering and cold air from escaping. Clean the air conditioning filter frequently.

Cleverly manage computers and refrigerators to save energy

It is very common to see computers open all day, especially during office hours. The computer consumes a lot of energy that could have been saved. Turning off the display saves half the energy. Using the sleep mode option when not in use also greatly reduces energy consumption. Battery chargers should not be plugged into the outlet as they will always drain power. Screen savers require more energy, and startup and shutdown are not required. Turning off the computer after completing the task is good for both computer and energy billing.

The refrigerator should be protected from any significant heat sources. Leave enough space around the refrigerator to dissipate heat from the motor and compressor. Minimize keeping the door open as it can cause cooling losses. Do not overpack the refrigerator because the air must circulate in it. Whatever is placed inside must be cold enough, not even warm, which will result in more energy being used. Check the door seal and cleaning the coil regularly. Unfreeze the refrigerator in a manual refrigerator. Energy saving is an environmental task!

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