Environmental economics

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If we are willing, entrepreneurs can clean up the environment. Looking at Fred Smith's brilliant plan, Ingenuity, which challenged Americans, paid off. He told the industry that he would build a transport truck for me, use 50% of the fuel as our current unit and emit 90% of the pollution, he will use 19,000. Ok, guess, it works. This proves that free enterprise can solve human problems five times faster than any government intervention or supervision.

What we are seeing is that anything is possible, and with the right incentives at CA, they have tried the opposite approach, requiring manufacturers to produce X-mass hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles on specific days. They had to recover or have no sales tax revenue from car sales and about 400,000 layoffs. In June 2003, the Trucking Association will push a speed limit of 55 mph to protest the ticketing of trucks in the state. The state has no budget, and they are writing down about 600% of fines and fines for truck drivers. They often allow truck drivers to drive at speeds of up to 65 mph without tickets.

The truck driver was very angry and deliberately slowed down by 55% or 20%, slowing the state's freight speed. By slowing down by 20%, the number of trucks needed to transport goods will increase by 20%. Of course, as many as 20% of trucks are allocated, and even more trucks are in use, so everything can't be reached on time, thus damaging inventory, productivity and the tax base required by CA.

Everyone lost, the truck driver was angry. I can't blame them for just thinking that everyone should be aware of the consequences of the path we are taking, and that there are other routes and similar packets that spread on the Internet. We don't have to choose the most direct way to reach the same conclusion. Carnivores continue to eat as always, but if we take a variety of ways, they can't eat pies and spicy corn crackers, even if One Rate, One World, One Planet American Enterprise Group has to shrink the storm of long-distance revenue reduction, our economy also You can come here with all of this. Several quarters. Because in the end we will still have the quality of our lives and have the opportunity to realize the elusive American dream, we have been committed to the next generation.

The riddle is cool; I hope you can see what I am saying here. All in all, RAND doesn't need to figure out the equation, just look out the window and you can see yourself. Pay attention to the United States and pay attention to wind shear during the final approach. This discussion is the mobility of ideas, so think about it.

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