Estate Planning – Transition to Conflict

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There are more estate plans than wills. Although a simple document may have been passed down from generation to generation, modern men or women need to study the estate planning process carefully if they want to avoid years of legal disputes and between their heirs and beneficiaries..

There are several trends that can affect the growing conflict of wills. Not all of these are recent, but their combined effects have not been discovered in the modern era than at any other time in history.

Changes in “family” values

One of the factors is the loss of traditional nuclear families. Things that have been taboo – divorced, children born out of wedlock – are now commonplace, if not universally accepted. As a result, family relationships have become more complex and tense. When people divorce and remarriage, they are basically the “merger” of the broker between two independent family units with different backgrounds and interests. The problem becomes more apparent when the illegitimate children born in a transaction or a failed relationship are thrown into it. Coupled with the recognition of inequality and the decline of the simple primogeniture system, it is easy to see how suspicion of inheritance arises in this situation.

For those interested in estate planning, the tangled network is an insurmountable obstacle. How to do it? Is it safe for a private child to outperform a legitimate child? Should the children of the first marriage take precedence over the children of the privileged union? These are just a few examples of the thorny issues that an effective heritage plan must answer. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, assigning these assets to the heir or that person often leads to legal disputes that hurt feelings and items that have a huge emotional value for a small amount of money.

Currency factor

In recent decades, the whole society has formed a more money-centered mentality. With the introduction of credit cards, online shopping and other conveniences without immediate response, consumers are more likely to find their own debt or at least on financial issues. As a result, current generations have fewer savings and fewer financial security than before. While disjointed family relationships can explain disputes about emotional projects, a new money-oriented attitude may be at the heart of high-value asset disputes.

Because modern men and women value the value of money and money, those interested in estate planning must carefully consider his or her assets. While this may not prevent future conflicts, at least any misunderstanding based on inaccuracies or unclear misunderstandings about your property can be avoided.

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