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Morality is a complex issue that varies from person to person, based on culture, country, ethnicity and other factors. There is no way to establish a certain standard, especially in terms of marketing and profit. Even when dealing with consumer goods and services, you should know the general criteria for what to do and what not to do. The personal ethics of marketers sometimes affect the company's overall ethics policy and vice versa. Let's take a look at some of the issues related to ethical marketing.

1. To tell the truth:

You mean business and profit. no doubt! But this does not necessarily mean that you are dishonest in moral issues. You know that sustainability cannot go hand in hand with unethical business practices. Unethical marketing can be counterproductive!

2. Good for customers:

Why not consider morality as an idea of ​​goodwill. Therefore, an asset. Customers will treat their company fairly on behalf of them.

3. Customer privacy is a priority:

This is true, especially for services. To treat customers calmly and keep their secrets is like keeping your own secrets. Never reveal the secrets of your customers!

4. Open discussion:

Talk about ethics, discuss ethics, make logic, increase debt, and cite examples. But never let it down. There are companies such as body shops that maintain significant profits and recognition through the practice of ethical marketing.

5. Regulations and standards:

Comply with government and business rules and regulations regarding ethical marketing. These are all to improve your consumers. And consumers are very important!

6. Never build a mountain on a small hill:

Present your product as it is. Don't overstate the versatility of your product or service. Profit is a priority, but not at the expense of the facts. Consumers don't want to be cheated for a long time

7. Unethical claims:

Don't claim something that is not an established fact or yet to be verified. Don't let your customers think that you are showing off, especially when the products you work with are related to taste and choice.

8. Morality in terms of gender:

The female body is a tool used by marketers around the world to introduce their products. It condemns the identity of women and makes them products that can be sold. This stereotype must be avoided when marketing your products and services.


Marketers who sell whitening creams sometimes exceed their limits. They sell their products in a cruel and ignorant way, disappointing dark-skinned women. In this era of civilization, these types of insensitivity are unacceptable.

10. Keep children away from promotions:

Don't prematurely destroy the gentle heart by polluting them with a complex world of profit. This will lead to an unhealthy generation. A sensible awareness must be established to prevent children from advertising.

11. Modify the marketing strategy:

Develop your company's marketing strategy. Talk about scheduling seminars, seminars, and modifying the general marketing plan based on appropriate ethical guidelines. Communicate ethical information to the management structure. Listen to the opinions of employees. Encourage them to comply with ethical marketing strategies.

12. Highlight the company's ethical strategy:

Your ethical strategy should be promoted. Use it as part of your promotional strategy. This will add an important dimension to your overall promotion. Promote ethical marketing as your company's competitive advantage. Consumers are affected by marketing, because they pay more attention to ethics.

13. Appointment of ethics management:

There are certain ethical management settings every day. Create posts like “Moral Home” and “Ethical Marketers” to deal with ethical strategies.

I want an example:

This example is not intended to be under one site. It simply projects information and can look at ethics from different angles. The sense of morality varies from person to person. This website http://huntinggearsup.com contains a lot of comments about hunting equipment, apparently for marketing purposes. Surprisingly, they also made some articles about bird watching. Does it conflict? Can hunting and bird watching go hand in hand? I am not going to analyze it further. This is just for brainstorming.

Finally, we can use the "moral first" argument as a conclusion that profit will be its logical convergence.

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