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Construction work is a daunting task, costing millions of dollars, and more if it is large. In progress, each minute is equivalent to spending thousands of dollars, so estimation and scheduling work is the most important, and there are many reasons. To build a home or mall, you must estimate the duration of the project so that it does not exceed resources and budget, resulting in huge financial losses. Starting from the pre-build time, certain tasks called scheduling need to be performed before the actual physical execution work. The schedule determines the relationship between the task and the time it takes to complete the task.

Create a construction schedule

The most accurate timeline is the timetable for receiving input from everyone involved in the process. Team communication and coordination are key elements of a precise construction plan. Meetings must be attended and gathering information is a top priority for accurate measurements. Every team member must understand the other, and it is these members who play a role together and organize information that helps:

  • Create a list from the beginning of the work, such as dismantling or ground engineering until the installation of the light bulb.
  • Determining how long it takes to complete these individual tasks also requires an estimate without having to ignore the import time for material arrivals.
  • Note and list all management tasks such as material selection, drawings and design, budget preparation and contract awards, and the time these will take.
  • Determine the order in which the activities will be performed. Tasks are usually arranged one after another in a meaningful order. For example, paint will only be applied when the wall is finished. However, some tasks are not uncommon in parallel. According to trade contractors, some are even separate activities.
  • The input from suppliers, suppliers and contractors also needs to make the plan practical.

Once the final timeline has been formed, approval must be obtained from all parties to ensure that it meets the information provided. Once the satisfaction is received and the duration is confirmed, a signed copy of the plan can even be used as part of the contract.

The above are tips and suggestions that can help, for example, work in home renovations and any small building work. There are also applications and software available on the market for self-help enthusiasts' construction plans, who may wish to save money without hiring professional help.

Quantity surveyor

Although as mentioned above, small-scale individual buildings do not necessarily require professional assistance, the need for large-scale is necessary. This is the person responsible for the cost estimate. The quantity surveyor provides the owner with detailed information and information about all costs and creates a timeline for the work and all processes involved. They manage finance, budget, production, dispute resolution, and even insurance.

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