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Everything started

Amway is one of the leading companies in the Mutl-level marketing industry. As early as 1959, MLM was just introduced to marketing, providing individuals with a way to make money-sharing products and save the company a lot of advertising costs. By becoming an assistant and marketing company product, the company's saved advertising costs can be paid to employees who promote their products. Many people regretted not entering Amway after many years, and this was a low-level opportunity.

Internet marketers no longer sell door to door

For those who have lived for the past 60 years, we have witnessed the birth and development of the online marketing industry. Many of us have experienced the difficulty of trying to connect with the new prospects of the pyramid schemes we are involved in. We remember to set up a date and drive to someone's home to give them our sales promotion. Now that we are in the computer age, we are no longer limited to building our downline organizations through local connections between small communities and local cities. Through the Internet, we are now able to build our business and sponsor people not only in the United States but throughout the world.

The first king of multi-level marketing

Many people who have read this article will not recognize the name Dexter Yager. In the short time after the birth of the company, Dexter became an assistant to Amway. He came up with a plan to build his network to help everyone he sponsored get their top 5 registrations. Whenever an employee makes an appointment with a potential customer, he will go to the assistant's home for a demonstration. By doing so, each of his colleagues learned the script, or at least had a good foundation and knowledge, and how to invest in new prospects. After he helped employees get their top 5 registrations, they continued to do the same for everyone they sponsored. Dexter's downline organization eventually became more than 50% of Amway's marketing department. This should give you an idea of ​​how to help you grow your network team in any business you promote.

Here, we will be close to 2020 in a new online marketing world.

Many of today's challenges include past challenges, but we also have a new set of challenges to master. In the era of computers and the Internet, Internet marketing companies can accelerate their development. People registered with Internet marketing companies can establish a downline organization of hundreds of people overnight. I know because I have experienced it myself. In one business, I contacted a person in India and I saw dozens of people register every hour. In India, when they sign up for the MLM business, they sign up for other people by phone, then another person.

One can experience the explosive growth of growth by finding the right sponsor. But for many of us, we don't have a personal mailing list with thousands of names. Before you start losing contact, sometimes even a friend, you can only post information about your business on Facebook or Twitter.

Leading generation ~ one of the keys to successful internet marketing

We can develop our team faster than in the 1950s and 1960s, but we still need to get people to guide them. There are several ways to get potential customers; pay their fees, dig them to find them, and have a way to get free leads. Even after getting potential customers, especially free leads, you still need to learn how to connect with potential customers, follow up and eventually get the prizes you sign up for in your business.

People who are unfamiliar with online marketing need counseling. As Dexter Yager did a few years ago, the people you sponsor need someone to guide them and learn the process with them. Through the right prospects program, how to connect and communicate with potential customers, track their progress, make appointments, etc. New employees/alliance members can learn to become successful home business owners and earn income, reflecting their work to build their business . If you are a good team leader and make sure that the people you sponsor learn to replicate your process, they can do the same for the people they sponsor. You can do all the work yourself or teach your colleagues so they can work. Show them how to get effective free leads and the hiring rate for everyone.

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