Exercise muscles in martial arts

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You want to have the power of martial arts, learn strong muscles by learning karate or kung fu, and this is not bad. But you need to know a few things. These things can help you choose a good martial art and even "fix". You are training in that kind of karate or kung fu.

First of all, martial arts is an aerobics exercise.

The basic horse pose is a squat. It's a bit wide, but you bend your knees and lose weight. Keeping weight in depth and time will give you amazingly strong legs.

The front position is a sprint. In the classroom, doing martial arts performances, you will do hundreds of lunges. Again, amazingly strong legs.

Quickly closing your muscles during boxing or kicking is plyometric. Enhancement means rapid expansion and contraction of muscles, and it leads to very thin, dense muscles. During exercise, you may make thousands of boxing and kicking.

Working with partners is the purest resistance training. Better than any isokinetic machine, the muscles adapt to changes and fatigue, providing you with the best exercise.

Second, there are three types of muscles: red slow twitching, red fast twitching, and white fast twitching.

Slow twitching muscles are good for endurance activities. Long-distance runners, cyclists, have incredibly slow twitching muscles.

Rapid twitching muscles are the preferred muscle for boxers, karate practitioners and other explosive power type activities.

Different combat disciplines build different types of muscles.

Tai Chi buildings slowly twitch muscles. You are slowly passing martial arts poses, this is a pause in power ' weightlifting.

Karate builds a quick twitch muscle. You are exploding or kicking.

But martial arts, all martial arts, will develop two kinds of muscles. It is only in a different number or percentage.

Third, the fact is that martial arts is the best and most useful muscle in the world. Different art gives different types of muscles. But all muscles are thin. All muscles can be used for everything from lifting furniture to sitting on a chair for a long time.

In fact, muscle is the secret of exercise and life. To some extent you have exercise, here we pass the concept of exercise through good, strong muscles, to the extent that you have life.

And to some extent you have no action… at that level you have no life.

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