Fake news: Libyan slave market – exclusive report

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What is the current fake news about the Libyan slave market and the strengthening of the Gaddafi regime? After CNN released a video of the Libyan slave auction market, all the hell of the Internet and mainstream media has broken down. Reports of African slaves auctioned in Libya and the truly ongoing terrorist incidents of drowning in order to flee the EU have angered the world.

Twitter has raged in the history of total revisionism in the real Gadaffi era.

I started reporting on Libya before the 2010 revolution and the expulsion of Gadaffi. A few years ago, I became friends with a gentleman in Misrata [Misulata]. I believe he will answer my questions and explain the truth about the situation in Libya.

In the 2015 report of the Libyan Revolution, I highlighted the high level of victory and tragedy in what happened in Libya during the four years following the revolution.

My Libyan friend has agreed to tell us the true story about the slave auction. This is our conversation.

– – your good friend: from

 Can you give me something to counter the story of the Libyan slave auction? I can hardly believe the content of the report.


Misrati: from

 Yes, I am happy to tell you the true story and hope that you can make it public. There are two types of Africans coming to Libya.

The first type of immigrants are people who come to work. They always go home. When these types entered, they stayed in the South and they called their former boss by phone because they had been to Libya before and told them they needed someone to smuggle them to the north so they could get safe transportation. . After a year or two they went home to visit their families and then traveled to Libya again. This type of job immigration is mainly from Chad and Niger. Sometimes they are not fortunate, they came to the north through a small town called Bani Walid, which is not mentioned in the town of CNN. At Bani Walid, they were trapped by a gang and they were not released until they were paid. Therefore, they once again called their former boss and their friends home and asked them to pay so that they would be released. There is always an agent in the northern city who works for this group. He is the one who gets the money. The agent sends a signal to the group to release the imprisoned immigrants.

The second type of immigrants are those who want to go to the EU without returning to Africa. They are from Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Ghana and Nigeria. Those people are not used to Libya. As for them, this is a one-way trip, so they entered the gang before reaching the smugglers at sea because the gang knew that immigrants urgently needed to reach the north. They arrested them and never released them until they paid or someone paid for them. Finally they will eventually enter the labor market auction reported by CNN, but once they reach the north, they will give up work and ride Sea to the EU. When the value of Libyan dinars is ok, when selling alcohol, drugs and prostitution, some of them often stay in Libya. But now that LYD is not worth it, they moved north to Italy to seek more fertile soil.

Now, CNN is talking about auctions for immigrants who don’t have friends or former bosses to pay for their release. So this group of people regards them as labor. The owner or farmer comes to pay for the immigration. release. This is the whole story. Auction 'Auction' just tells a particular immigrant skilled job type. So this is fake news. This has nothing to do with slavery. Trump is right.

I do not deny that there is torture. But this situation is rare. These immigrants in Libya have such bad conditions in Libya for local citizens, what do they think? Libyans themselves are suffering from a lack of food and health care. I think it is unfair to be responsible for those who cross the EU; we must feed them and treat them as they go.

– – Thank you from

 . I hope this helps to clarify the situation. In addition, this should be a warning to Africans that it is dangerous to work in Libya or to immigrate to the EU.

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