False news in disasters and untrusted government leaders

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Why haven't people checked news on non-political topics? In terms of natural disasters, there seems to be a big smoke screen. We are constantly being told that these events are the most "tragic" events in history. Just recently, we saw Hurricane Harvey rushing out of the Houston TX area, and they told us that this was the worst hurricane damage ever. wrong. They told us that the floods in this area are unprecedented and not true. Houston has at least two major floods every ten years. Yes, this is the worst thing in years, but it is the worst in history. – Only more people are drowning now.

The following week, in Southern California, a fire broke out in Los Angeles County near Burbank and Glendale California [known as La Tuna Fire]. It burned about 7,000 acres. He told us that this was the biggest fire in the history of Los Angeles County – he looked directly at the TV camera and showed a bold lie on his face. It is not the closest to the most severe wildfires, brushing fires, or the biggest property damage or cost. It’s a long way off.

For example, from September 28 to October 6, 2005, Topanga Fire burned down 24,175 acres; or from August 26, 2009 to October 16, 2009, burned 160,577 acres of land and we lost 209 buildings. The object caused 2 deaths. The Springs fire that began in Ventura County on May 2, 2013 burned 24,000 acres, of which about 8,000 acres were in Los Angeles County.

Also, please note that these fires are not a long time ago. In fact, there are still burn scars on the trails – you can see that when you go hiking, the burnt brushes will still be coated with charcoal on your legs. I am a fanatical trail runner. Almost a decade ago, my legs often had black stripes. In fact, in La Tuna Fire, firefighters actually encountered a storm that knocked down the fire and completed it quite quickly in a short time.

Why are all fake news? I think politicians can claim to be “destroyed” in order to provide more federal and state funding from the emergency relief fund to the region. As a result, they can get more support from the federal government to pay for the support of air-fired tankers and further expand themselves as they run for the governor or try to re-elect the mayor. No matter what, they all know that they are not telling the truth, and that "our" citizens are so stupid and have such short-lived memories that we don't know the difference, or we may be fooled because the media repeats lies.

“Where is the fact checker?” I dare to ask? Why fire chiefs, police chiefs, public work administrators stand with these politicians and remain silent, they know the truth, they need decades to become department heads – they may become departments in order to get high-paying jobs, pensions and benefits They can lie to life naturally. Terrible thoughts, especially considering this trend.

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